If "Heaven on Earth" is too "religious" for you, try this.

Some people find Yoism to be too "idealistic." Others are irked by Yoism's religious nature. All religions, by the very nature of religion, are idealistic in the extreme. This may be precisely why the same people tend to have a problem with the fact that Yoism is a religion. There is a widespread fear of joining "a cult" or some "far-out" movement. What is this "Yo," after all? We believe that if you explore a bit, you will find that Yoism is the religion with a down-to-earth-heaven, so to speak. Indeed, Yoans tend to be especially wary of claims that go beyond what is reasonable.

Somewhat ironically, we find the fear of joining something "weird" to be "backwards timidity." Given the state of the world and what passes for normal sanity, we would wonder if, instead, people should be terrified not to join with people who fundamentally reject mainstream views of reality. Indeed, one could consider it an act of incredibly foolish bravery (i.e., a psychotic act) to go along with the status quo.

For most Yoans, Yoism is a religion, a spiritual practice. Our Truths are valid and The Way of Yo is sacred and of vital importance. However, The Way of Yo, more than any other religious movement, thoroughly acknowledges the danger of religion and the legitimate wariness people may have about religious belief. And The Way of Yo can fully encompass those who are "spiritually challenged." While in such words there may appear to be some denigration of those whose path is not spiritual, in actual practice, we have seen no distinction between how Yoans deal with one another based on the degree of religiosity or lack thereof. In fact, for some Yoans—as in Buddhism, a religion with no deity—Yo is completely irrelevant!

So, for those who are uncomfortable with religion, as well as for those who require a clear rationale unencumbered by terms that appear to go beyond the "concrete, material world," The Great Transition provides a completely secular version of Yoism's 5-10-Open-Heaven core vision about the human situation and the need for something truly new.

A secular, purely rational blueprint of the need
for a new vision, such as The Way of Yo.

In Spanish

In Deutsch

Yo! For another areligious way of looking at this,
listen to how the Wombat says it ;-)

A Visionary Mystic

& A Yoan Saint

Yo on Katrina, Global Warming
& Climate Change

with help from
Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Al Gore,
Will Ferrell, & Stephen Colbert

The Wombat

summarizes Yoism
in 30 seconds!


On The Eyes of God,
The Shroud of Turin,
& Bleeding Statues

Scary Stuff!

The Miracle Links

Astounding Videos of Real Miracles

Truly Amazing Illusions

Video of a Genuine Miracle
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Timothy Leary's
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An Owner's Manual

Philosophy Is a Team Sport

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R. Crumb

Yo on Ebola, SARS,
AIDS, & Avian Flu

The Trouble
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South Park "On Hippies"

Is South Park
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Does Prayer Work?

The Results of
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Creationism & Intelligent Design

Penn & Teller, Richard Dawkins, Stephen
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Robert DeNiro
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On the Meaning of Yo

Jon Stewart &
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Flying Spaghetti Monster?
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Creationism & Intelligent Design vs. SPAM

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Psychiatrists of
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