Yoan Projects & Service

All this talk is nothing without real action. These are the ways we are turning our vision into a reality. We can use help with all of these "embodiments," in which we are turning our beliefs into actualizing Heaven on Earth. If you'd like to join in, please contact us!

Currently Active Projects & Service

Zuzu's Place

A cooperative home for survivors of the mental health system. Zuzu's Place (the name was inspired by Don White's song, "Angel in Pieces") will eventually be a number of homes for people with a history of serious emotional problems. While overwhelming stress may have resulted in their hospitalization in the past, the members of the Zuzu's Place Cooperatives are committed to independent living—to making their home—outside of the psychiatric system.

Working with Zuzu's Place has been a way for the Yoan community to embody its commitment to creating Heaven on Earth. Zuzu's Place profoundly manifests the Yoan belief in the value of democracy and the need to respect the divinity of all human beings. Through thousands of volunteer hours, the Community of Yo has been instrumental in supporting every aspect of this project, from fund raising to furniture moving and house cleaning.

Yo, Inc. has no control over any Zuzu's Place co-op; the governance/control of each co-op is determined entirely by its members.


When one looks at the eco-village one will see beautiful green spaces, community spaces, community owned businesses, constant activity to improve our environment, in an ecological, social and aesthetic sense. They'll see people coming together for mutual aid (community policing, insurance, consumer co-ops, etc) and celebration.

These will be the obvious manifestations of a new understanding of our roles as human beings and what is important to us in the deepest sense. The goal then is not the outward manifestations. Rather these are the steps we are taking towards the goal. The goal is a deeper understanding of ourselves, as individuals and humans, and a life lived in fundamental accord with that understanding; to strive so that every human being alive now and in the future has the opportunity to achieve his/her highest potential.

Cooperative Studios

Most people spend most of their lives at work. Thus to live a good life one has to find good work. This means working in a real community, where you feel respected and where you feel your work is valued, and valuable. Cooperative Studios is a web design and computer programming worker owned and operated cooperative business. A business where we put our deepest spiritual values into practice. Why would you want to work anywhere else?

Research And Planning

These are projects that various Yoans have started researching and planning. If you are interested they could probably use your help.

Grease car Dealership

With some very minor modifications some cars can run on used grease from restaurants! There is a lot of grease, and its considered toxic waste that must be disposed of carefully. For that reason restaurants are often eager to give it away. Running a grease car is therefore cheaper, because you don't have to pay for gas, and well as much better for the environment, because you are not burning fossil fuels, but instead using a renewable resource to power your car. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of places you can buy a converted grease car. Thats where we could come in.

Circus Party Troupe

Description and website will be forthcoming...