New Gatherings


We are currently in the process of re-establishing regular Gatherings, just outside of Boston, in Newton. While we are in this transitional period please check back here for an announcement of when gatherings will begin.

Australia (and Cyberspace!)

Yoism Australia appears to be the most rapidly growing group outside of North America. Unfortunately, Australia is very large and relatively sparsely populated. So it may be awhile before a local group Austrailyoans reaches the critical mass necessary for sustained gatherings.

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Other Locations

There has also been considerable interest expressed from all over the world regarding local chapters of Yoism. So far, however, outside of Boston, there have only been a few people who have identified themselves in each of many separate geographical locations. If you would like to find other Yoans and help start gatherings in your community, please let us know so we can put you in touch with one another. You can also join the Yoism-Gatherings listserve, which is a discussion group for people who are interested in helping develop gatherings outside of the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Recently, Yoans have begun a Yoism group on Facebook. This might be the best way for Yoans all over the world to meet people in their region. Facebook is free and, after you sign up at, you can easily join Yoism Facebook.

It's time to awaken the human spirits yearning to join together in sane community.

Let's get the gathering going!