Welcome to Yoism!

Ways to get involved:

1. Register and read the website. Once registered, login (see "User Login" in the left side column), and post comments about what works and doesn’t and how you would revise it to work better.  Your comments will be incorporated in revisions of Yoism, The World's First Open Source Religion, where involvement = helping "to write" it. Let's go!

[How to register: Send us an email with your desired username, password, and your email address along with a brief statement about yourself. We'll register you as a new user and send back your login information.]

2. Come to gatherings in the Boston area when they start up again. Send us an email letting us know that you want to be notified when Boston gatherings start up again. For those of you outside of the Boston area, consider starting gatherings where you live. Let us know where you are located and, as we learn about others in your area, we can put you in touch with one another. We have also formed a Yoism-Gatherings discussion group for those trying to develop gatherings in areas outside of Boston.

3. Ditto re: The Book of Yo.  The Book is due for a few major rewrites before we arrive at a solid Version 1.0. Stuff from the website needs to be incorporated.  We also need to incorporate numerous points that have been raised at our "gatherings," where we read parts of it each week and then discuss the reading.  We have notes about what worked, what didn't, what was needed to make it clear, and what needed to be corrected.  Help us determine what else needs to be changed about it. There is now an online edition being developed that anyone can edit.

4. Join the Yoism Facebook Page.

5. Tell your friends and family, as well as to other organizations, listserves, news organizations, or blogs about Yoism. We made it easy to do this: Just click the "Share" link at the top right of any page you like and spread the word! Also, when participating in online discussions, link to relevant Yoism pages.

6. Donate your skills! For example, we need help migrating our website to an updated version of Drupal.

7. And yes, of course, you can donate money. Without material resources, nothing of significance gets accomplished in the Real World. Note that unlike religious scams that generate wealth for those controlling the religious sect, donations to Yoism were insufficient to pay for this web site. The founders of Yoism, rather than receiiving one penny from the limited donations we do receive, continue to contribute money to Yoism. We really do need your help!

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