These Optical Illusions Are Full Color
Versions of Shading Impossibilities

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Believe It or Not:  The blue and yellow tiles are the same color!

One of the most amazing color shading optical illusions!

And if you thought THIS was amazing
Black and blue vs. white and gold?  Feh!  Consider instead the truly amazing color changing dog!
Check out the truly Amazing Color Changing Dog
(Or is this just a result of the fact that both dogs are exactly the same color?)

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Here's another interesting color effect:
The Black and White Color Castle Illusion

And here's a couple more that are hard to believe.

Impossible Angles

One of the strongest optical illusions ever:  The Impossible Angles!

Impossible Spirals

The green in the green spirals
and the blue in the blue spirals
are exactly the same color:

The green and blue stripes are actually the same color

And here's the same effect, a
little simpler and more direct.

The green and blue stripes are actually the same color

And here's a set of spirals that don't exist!
These are perfectly concentric circles!

Four impossible, concentric, perfectly round circles
(If you squint hard enough, the illusion
disappears and you can see the circles.)

Even squinting won't help with these concentric circles!

Moving and utterly impossible, concentric circles
(But if you put the tip of your mouse on any
circle, you will see that the spirals are illusions.)

All angles are 90 degrees!

Strangely Painted Rooms

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Here's Another Kind
of Amazing Illusion
The Miracle of Modern Makeup.

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it is important that the dress illusion is edited

it is listed as just another illusion, even as less amazing than the one below it. in reality, no other optical illusion has mystified people as much as this one has. it also serves as an example of inherent human bias. by understanding that our eyes are at best inadequate at understanding reality, we bring ourselves closer to understanding empirical truth