The Imminent Bird Flu Pandemic.

Do The Recent Bird Flu Stories Scare You? ...
They Should!

Experts put the probability of a global influenza pandemic at 100% - an absolute certainty!

When it hits it's estimated that it will last 12-18 months, will touch every corner of the globe and according to The Director of the Center for Infectious Disease will
kill anywhere between 30 Million and 380 Million People!

The World Health Organization predicts that up to
30% of the world’s population will become infected...

Governments are so frightened that they're already sockpiling drugs and training thousands of people on how to cope WHEN IT HITS...

Can Anything Be Done about It?

The pandemic could strike next year, it could be in ten years ... it could strike tomorrow!

One thing all the experts agree on is that a global flu virus will attack the human race, this is and "absolute certainty" and there is nothing you can do to prevent yourself and those closest to you from being exposed.

Bird Flu or the H5N1 virus as it is known, has already mutated into a form capable of infecting humans.

Bird Flu is not an ordinary virus. You can't treat it with an normal flu vaccine because there isn't one and it kills quickly ... it has been fatal in 50% of people infected so far.

In March 1918 an army cook reported to the infirmary at Fort Riley, Kansas, with a temperature of 39.5 C.

Within two days a further 521 men had been taken sick, in what is thought to have been one of the first recorded outbreaks of what came to be known as Spanish flu.

Striking a world already devastated by war, such early warning signs were largely missed and the influenza went on to kill 40 million in a matter of months.

Scientists now believe the virus came from birds and that it bore similarities to the avian flu at the center of the current scare.

In the 1918 outbreak, people were dying faster than they could build coffins, up to 400 million deaths have been predicted this time due to global travel. The 40 million died in just 18 months and it takes about 6 months to make a vaccine. Once we have a vaccine for Bird Flu how long will it take to vaccinate the World; how long will it be before you get your vaccine? And that's assuming you are still around to benefit from one!

This is not science fiction; this is real and happening now.

This is a deadly threat that you can't see, can't touch, can't feel; a menace that kills off the most physically powerful. The 1918 strain was most dangerous to the strongest and fittest aged between 15 and 35; those in their prime ... Bird Flu is showing the same frightening characteristics.

The reason is that a developed, healthy immune system is an Achilles heel when attacked by H5N1. The fit body produces an army of anti-bodies and disease-fighting cells in an attempt to kill of the invading virus. But this causes massive, fatal collateral damage as the battle rages and the lungs and other organs are terminally wounded.

'Explosive' outbreaks

After the initial outbreak in 1918 troops traveling back and forth between the US and Europe were among the worst affected, the virus soon reached Africa and Asia. August brought the second wave of the virus, with "explosive" outbreaks in France, Sierra Leone and the US and a 10-fold increase in deaths, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus quickly spread, with few communities untouched and between 25% and 30% of the world population infected.

So unfamiliar was Spanish flu that many doctors suspected an outbreak of meningitis, or even a return of the Black Death.

The disease had features that were not seen before and, fortunately, have not been seen since ... UNTIL NOW.

Unlike most deaths from influenza, the majority of victims were neither the young or old, but those between 15 and 35. As many as 99% of the infected were under 65.

Many deaths were from pneumonia caused by secondary infections, but others died from a hemorrhaging of the lungs. Other symptoms included a blue tinge to the skin.

One doctor at a US Army camp near Boston wrote in September 1918 that men coming in with what appeared to be ordinary influenza quickly worsened. "It is only a matter of a few hours until death comes, and it is simply a struggle for air until they suffocate."

"It is only a matter of a few hours until death comes, and it is simply a struggle for air until they suffocate"

"It is horrible. One can stand it to see one, two or twenty men die, but to see these poor devils dropping like flies sort of gets on your nerves."

Sneezing - It's all it takes to spread the deadly virus!

In many countries schools were closed, public gatherings banned and people encouraged to wear masks. In some cases those caught sneezing or coughing unprotected in public were fined or imprisoned and one US town outlawed shaking hands.

The efforts failed - as did the widespread practices of quarantine and isolation. In India more than 10 million died, while up to two million were killed in sub-Saharan Africa. Some estimates suggest that in Spain up to eight million people were infected, the country's papers' in-depth coverage of the outbreak prompting the "Spanish flu" name.

What are your chances of survival if you catch Bird Flu? ... Answer, 50/50!

The Current Strain of H5N1 is so powerful, so lethal that it kills and estimated 50% of those it infects - FACT!

Of the reported cases of infection in Asia, half of them died. That's 10 times the estimated death rate of the 1918-19 Spanish Flu pandemic which killed 40 Million people in a world with a much smaller population. We now live in a time where the majority of the western world travel the globe thanks to cheap airlines tickets and it's this factor alone which could lead to the death of many millions more people.

Many more cases of human infection have almost certainly gone unreported. China, for example are notoriously secretive; a dangerous government that has been reluctant to disclose figures of Aids and SARS infections. The inaccessible geography of Asia and limited communications also contribute to the fear that many, many more people have been infected and gone unreported.

The UK has had it's first reported case ... H5N1 is spreading, have no doubt. And if the truth be known, can you really trust a government anywhere to tell the truth? Look at the foot and mouth disaster in the UK. In 2001, foot-and-mouth led to the slaughter of more than six million animals and is estimated to have cost as much as £4bn - it was denied during the early days that the problem even existed!

The USA and UK led coilition even went to war on a lie:"the threat of weapons of mass destruction", it is a fact that there simply were none. So can you really trust them to be forthcoming with the facts about the threat of Bird Flu; can you trust governments with your life and the lives of of your loved ones?

The dangers presented by Bird Flu dwarfs that of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, considered one of the most deadly viruses in history. It's a threat worse than The Asian Tsunami, al Qaeda terrorism, Hurricane Katrina or the SARS virus combined and its impact would be much more pervasive and long-lasting.

Experts claim that a Bird Flu pandemic is a "certain event."

Scientists have established that the H5N1 flu strain is genetically related to the Spanish Flu of 1918 and there's nothing we can do about it. We can't rid the world of it; it's a modern-day 'Sword of Damocles'. A sword held over the Earth hung by a single horse hair and if that hair should give...

Bird Flu is a danger that is with us every moment, omni-present, all we can do is prepare and hope that the experts are wrong in their predictions.

Scared now?

Because as we said in the beginning... YOU SHOULD BE!

Just one infected passenger from Asia or one smuggled bird or animal into the USA or UK could infect and wipe out millions of citizens. Estimates are that this lethal virus could infect a quarter of the UK and US population, and leave the remainder caring for victims or hiding indoors.

A report published by the National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine back in March, states that: "the current ongoing epidemic of H5N1 avian influenza in Asia is unprecedented in its scale, in its spread and in the economic losses it has caused".

That was months ago! The situation has deteriorated since then, Bird flu has already jumped species both to animals and humans.

Coming to a Town Near You!

Pandemic:  Coming soon to a theater near you!

This page was adapted from a web site that was trying to induce a panic-driven impulse buy of a downloadable information file about bird flu, for 25 bucks. For a more reasoned and balanced — though still worrisome — view of the problem see Ebola, Bird Flu, & You.