Pareidolia: Finding God in
All the Random Places

Following the sacred path to truth, we investigated how hard it is to find God, Jesus, or the Virgin Mary in random ambiguous images. Using a Google image search, we found a photographer, Eric Scouten (, who has posted a page of photographs he calls "texture." Eliminating those that provide very regular patterns that are not open to interpretation, we were left with a few that seemed ambiguous enough to use. In those, we began our search for God. And Lo and Behold, we found Him!

Can you see God in the photos below? We can ;-)

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The face of Jesus in the grass.  It's a miracle!

Three faces of God found in a wall of rock.  It's a miracle!

And now . . . heeeeerre's God!

The Angry Rock God.  It's a miracle!

We found our first Jesus.  It's a miracle!

We think that's a pretty miraculous vision of Jesus, even if He's hiding a bit like Eric Scouten's Stealth Cows:

Eric Scouten's Stealth Cows

Some people think this version of Jesus is easier to see. His
right eye (on your left) is the same as in the other face of Jesus.
and he's not really smiling, though he actually may be winking ;-)

The face of Jesus, winking.  It's a miracle!

Jesus from space!

It's true that our Jesus can't compete with this one found in South American sand dunes
(click the image for a larger, higher resolution close-up).

But the Sand Dune Jesus is one of the best Jesi found by millions of searching eyes.

Ours was found in less than an hour. A true miracle ;-)

The face of Jesus as seen from space in South American sand dunes.

And here's the famous, oblivious Indian listening to his iPod in Alberta, Canada (the "iPod" and cord is an access road), while his buddy calls out to him from behind in a futile attempt to get him to pay attention to something important.

The head of a native American (listening to an I-Pod) appeared in the hills of Alberta Canada (with a friend right behind him shouting something important into his ear).

Yahweh vs Allah ;-)


On 9-11, the Face of God appeared in the smoke at the World Trade Tower!
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In 2001, when the Taliban destroyed the world's largest (and almost 2,000-years-old) statues of Buddha, the Face of Allah appeared in the resulting dust cloud. Don't believe it? See for yourself. If you don't see it in the first playing of the explosion, it is repeated later in slow motion. And then just the part in which Allah appears is repeated in slow motion and several times at normal speed.

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