E. O. Wilson Calls for a Religion Like Yoism

The well-known evolutionary biologist, Edward Osborne Wilson, actually started out in the deep South as a Fundamentalist Christian. Fortunately for all of us, his love of nature, which began at an early age and never abated, led him to take biology courses at the University of Alabama. There, he was exposed to the theory of evolution. Our world was enriched by that encounter.

Much earlier, Darwin had been forced to confront his simplistic religious beliefs when he closely examined the way life actually manifested on our planet. Clearly, he realized, life had not existed, as the Bible tells us, in a relatively fixed state starting a few thousand years ago.

Similarly, Wilson's lifelong rapture with nature—his close study of bugs, to be specific—led him to an epiphany when he entered college and learned about the theory of evolution. The data presented to him by his own senses simply did not jibe with the religious myths of his childhood. But, much to his amazement, all of his experience jibed with this new theory, evolution. It was not long before Wilson understood that evolutionary biology was a much better theory for understanding the world as he knew it.

To make a long story short, Wilson overcame the inadequate worldview he was given by dint of his birth. He was actually remaining true to his childhood instilled, fundamentalist desire to explicate an all-encompassing view of reality, when he devoted his life to making sense of creation. And even though evolution theory leaves many questions unanswered, Wilson realized that it was far and away the best understanding of the origin of life that has ever existed. That was enough for him. He commited himself to studying and understanding life as manifested by Yo Yoself.

Saint Edward developed a spiritual worldview that is fully consistent with reality—as manifested by the Divine Mystery—while remaining true to a need to make sense of his awe and wonder. Unlike many scientists who engage in the Materialistic-Academic Olympics, trying to win the Discovery Gold (or just trying "to medal," i.e., get tenure), Wilson never lost the valid essence of his spiritual perspective on existence.

Here you can hear E. O. Wilson (interviewed by Steve Paulson):

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Take a listen to another part of that interview, where E. O. Wilson issues an unmistakable call for a "Heaven on Earth" religion like Yoism.

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No way WE came from apes!

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