Jesus Cries When You Touch Yourself
Sponsored by Americans Against Masturbation

To download, click here,
The Pope can see you masturbating!

"Why Humans Became Bipedal,"
or, "Dogs Go Blind, Too."

If your going to do it anyway,
don't forget to use protection!
Masturbation protection kit: for those who are going to do it anyway.

Jesus died for your sins; if you don't sin, Jesus died in vain.

And don't forget the HORROR of
Click here to learn about the ''Horror of Homosexuality and the abomination of Gay Marriage.''

Thank "God," at least our politicians are
trying to protect us from the "Sexually
Violent Predator
" living next door!

If you are ready to leave the world of Fantasy and
face Reality, click the image (and then enlarge it).

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Islamic fundamentalists
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