[Note:  This house (which was too isolated in a residential suburb without public transportation) was sold and Zuzu's Place is attempting to relocate, if resources make it possible.  The information on this page remains as is to give folks a sense of what we were trying to do. For more about the rationale behind the creation of Zuzu's Place, see Zuzu's Place: The Video]

The House

The first attempt to create Zuzu's Place took place in a huge old farmhouse in Whitman, MA. There were 11 bedrooms, many of which were quite nice. A few of the bedrooms had fireplaces and porches, and most had ceiling fans.

With 6 ½ bathrooms and 8 other rooms (including kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, and potential studies), there was ample communal space that could easily accommodate up to 11 people.

In addition, there was a large barn attached to the house and there was an extremely large basement that offered the possibility of creating work studios for many types of projects (such as art or woodworking).

The house was less than a 5-minute walk to a Commuter Rail station. The train ride to downtown Boston (South Station) was 35 minutes. The commuter rail rans every day and on time, so one could reliably commute from the front door of the house to downtown Boston (which included immediate access to the Greater Boston subway system) in under 45 minutes. Unfortunately, few potential members of the coop had jobs in Boston or cars, and there was no local public transportation.

More information about the house: