LSD vs Cigarettes:
A well-reasoned perspective (circa 1967)

One of these videos is . . . insane.

The other one is . . . asinine.

Can you tell which is which?

(Answer below.)
Video A:

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Video B:

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Clearly, LSD is the dangerous drug. There are at least one or two clearly documented deaths that have resulted from LSD use and hundreds more are claimed (and thousands are implied) by proponents of drug laws. LSD should therefore be illegal with lengthy jail sentences for mere possession.

On the other hand, smoking is relatively safe and causes a mere 5.5 million deaths per year (almost a half million in the U.S. alone). So, while we now know that smoking is dangerous, people should be allowed free access to that relatively safe substance and locked up in prison if they dare to use entheogens in search of valid religious experiences.

LSD makes people crazy. As evidence, consider the fact that LSD users think this absurd, standard view of LSD is insane ;-)

For more on LSD and other Sacred Sacraments, click here.

Answer: Video A is insane. Video B is asinine.

Together, they represent the dominant,
American worldview regarding the use
of substances in the 1960's.

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