Saint Stephen (Colbert) with a Rose ...

Stephen Colbert: A Genuine Yoan Saint

"Saint Stephen, with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes . . ."

Grateful Dead, 3/1/69, Fillmore West. Entire song can be heard here.

Saint Stephen 1969: Playboy After Dark

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Reality has a liberal bias.

In order to maintain an untenable position, you have to be actively ignorant, ... One motto on the show is, "Keep your facts, I'm going with the truth."

My character is self-important, poorly informed, well-intentioned, but an idiot, ... So we said, "Let's give him a promotion."

We're just trying to ease the pain of people who feel the world is going insane and no one is noticing. We're like Cortaid, something not too heavy that is used for a rash or a bug bite. I wouldn't use it for a wound.

                                                                                               ——Stephen Colbert

It is somewhat ironic that Stephen Colbert did not think of his humor as political when he first arrived at The Daily Show. After Jon Stewart exhorted him to develop a point of view in his pieces, Colbert started to find out that, he not only had a point of view, his perspective was decidedly rational, humanistic, and anti-delusional.

While it is frequently noted on the Internet that Stephen is a "devout" Catholic who teaches Sunday School, that is not how he described himself in an NPR interview a few years ago. He described himself as a church-going Catholic; and though he may teach Sunday School, he did not mention any especially high level of commitment to the Church or Catholicism. Indeed, his commentary shows that he is a liberal Catholic who appears to value his religious heritage and community, but who has no problem lampooning the hypocrisy and negative impact of religion, including his own church.

While staying within his character on The Colbert Report, he repeatedly alludes to an actual theological viewpoint. He repeatedly asks his atheistic guests about the incredible wonder that there is something instead of nothing at all. This is the only theology he expresses seriously (without any mockery, though he does use it for comedic effect in the piece below), and it is centered on an astonishing awareness that the universe exists with or without the type of creator God described in the traditional religions. This astonishing wonder is almost synonymous with what we call The Divine Mystery of Yo :-)

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Saint Stephen (Colbert) with a Rose ...If for a second, you doubt Stephen Colbert's deep insight and profound understanding of the implications of his humor, consider this video:

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Stephen Colbert is not only a genuine Yoan Saint, he also demonstrates how a person can deeply hold Yoan values and beliefs, while still personally holding onto private ways of being that he does not push on others. Colbert's active promotion of a mystical (i.e., filled with profound wonder and awe), rational humanism along with his Catholicism exemplify the distinction between the shared beliefs of Yoism and the inevitable, idiosyncratic, private beliefs that each Yoan also has.

Humor is Sacred! Laughter is Blessed! Yoism is Serious!

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