Inherit the Wind
A remarkably inspirational movie

Though the account of the Scopes "Monkey Trial" found in the movie, "Inherit the Wind," is fictionalized, it captures some of the most important aspects of the case. The legal conflict regarding the teaching of either the scientific theory of evolution or the Biblical fable of creation continues today along the same lines outlined in this classic movie made almost a half century ago about events that took place more than eighty years ago!

The recent Dover Trial made it clear that we are far from finished with dealing with the superstitious nonsense in this video. BTW, in these brief excerpts, you will see some of the most inspirational, dramatic moments in the history of cinema.

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On the lighter side . . .
For another illustration of what could pass for science—if we were to accept the standards proposed by ID—consider the religious movement based on the pseudo-scientific (incorrect and heretical ;-) notion that the universe and the life it contains were the work of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the valid, scientific (True and Sacred ;-) explanation that the Creator was a multi-faceted being, Spaghetti & Pulsar Activating Meatballs, otherwise known as SPAM. You also might want to take a look at Bill Maher, Pat Robertson, and Ali G's exchange with creationist, Kent Hovind, as well as Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, and Lewis Black, all of which can be found on a page we named after The Daily Show's series called "Evolution Schmevolution." And then there's Supernatural Design: The Movie.

But does logic and evidence really matter, since

Teaching Fairy Tale Delusions to Children

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Consider the Consequences
of such Magical Thinking:

Deadly Memes

How to make Christian or
Islamic fundamentalists
out of innocent children

Islam's Perfection of
Christianity's Creation

Eternal Damnation

No way WE descended from apes! Right?

For some folks, the idea that we descended from apelike ancestors is ludicrous blasphemy. For others of us, after considering the evidence, the idea that we didn't is ludicrous, primitive, apelike ;-) thinking. Here's another bit of info to help you decide for yourself.

Warning: The video contains violence.

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