The Greatest Story Ever Told

Saint Carolyn (Porco), a world-class astronomer, describes
the spirituality inherent in the scientific view of the Universe

Carolyn Porco is currently the leader of the Cassini Science Imaging Team and a lead imaging scientist on the New Horizons Pluto/Kuiper Belt mission. She is a Senior Research Scientist at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and an Adjunct Professor at both the University of Colorado and the University of Arizona. An asteroid has been named in her honor.

Carolyn Porco is also the first scientist to see the flaw in Russell's Teapot, Bertrand Russell's famous analogy attacking the triumphant but illogical conclusion reached by religious believers after they point out that atheists cannot prove that God doesn't exist.

In telling The Greatest Story Ever Told, Saint Carolyn issues a call for a new holiday, a celebration of human knowledge and understanding. She suggests we title this "The Day of Great Awakening." She also suggests we celebrate certain landmark events in the human acquisition of new knowledge and visions. For example, one sacred day could be December 29, 1968, the day on which the first pictures of Earth against a backdrop of space were transmitted back home by astronauts. Indeed, we have come up with a short name for Porco's Day of Great Awakening, Yomas. Yomas is the combined celebration of the Winter Solstice, the ending of the year, and human awakening.

When you are ready, make yourself comfortable, and settle in to hear and see The Greatest Story Ever Told.

But first, a brief message from Carl:
Join Us as We Explore "The Face of Yo"
"We are a way for the Cosmos to know Itself" (Carl Sagan)

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The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part 1

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part 2

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Part 3

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