Saint Kurt & Jon Stewart
On Iraq & Reality

George Bush: "[Information] creates confusion
in the minds of the American people."

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Guided by religious delusions, George Bush acts like a YAAFM (a Fucking Moron)!

The Power of Praying

Instead of Planning

What Me Worry?

What Me Worry?

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We ask you, other than Kurt Vonnegut, who has so directly, forthrightly, and unflinchingly faced the horrific realities of human nature with so much love and humor? In WWII, he lived through (and participated in the cleanup immediately after) the firebombing of Dresden that killed more than 25,000 people. When he wrote in deeply pained disgust over humanity's ugly, stupid, and broken behavior, you knew he knew what he was talking about. And yet his horror was presented with a playful twinkle that bespoke his love and fervent, wistful hope for our species.

Kurt Vonnegut embraced these Yoan principles as can be seen in the very core of his life's work:

  • a commitment to facing Reality, even when it hurts deeply
  • love of humanity, despite how horrifically humans behave, and
  • holding humor to be sacred.
He was a genuine Yoan Saint.
"What makes being alive almost worthwhile for me, besides music, are all the
saints I meet, who could be anywhere. By saints I mean people who behave
decently in a strikingly indecent society."

At the very end of Vonnegut's very last book there is a poem, "Requiem." At the end of "Requiem," Kurt Vonnegut closed his last book with these lines:

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