Christianity Invented It.
But Islam Perfected Eternal Damnation.

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Given the content of the Qur'an, this is the real relationship between believing moderate and radical Muslims.

And here's a visual representation of the numerous contradictions in the Bible, the supposed word of an infallible God.

A Suicide Bomber Caught at an Israeli Checkpoint
where she was trying to enter Israel in order to blow herself
up along with the doctors, nurses, and other patients at the
Israeli clinic where she was being treated for a burn injury.

Deadly Memes

How to make Christian or
Islamic fundamentalists
out of innocent children

Insane Child Abuse

In the Name of God

Don't Read the Bible!

Read This!

Virgins are waiting.  Blow yourself up today!

Angry, Old Testament God vs. Loving, New Testament Jesus:  Are they really one and the same? Stephen Colbert & Steve Carell

Islam vs. Christianity

Stephen Colbert on

World War Weeeee!

On the Universality of Fundamentalist Lunacy

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No way WE came from apes!

[Click down here for
some actual evidence.]

And Remember: "Only the Good Die Young."

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