OK. This part is tongue-in-cheek.

(But the next part ["Conversations with Yo"] isn't.)

As we all know, Internet communications are not secure and can be read by those who have access to the electromagnetic impulses in which the information is encoded. In addition, the electromagnetic waves created by Internet communication radiate throughout the ethereal zone where God is said to exist. So, because of this technological achievement, the humming mind of humanity can now be linked directly to The-Source-Of-It-All.1

In essence, as you will see below, we have obtained God's, um, er, Yo's email address ;-)

On this page, we offer you an opportunity to talk to  God  Yo! Using this technological achievement, we will forward your words to  God  Yo, and we will post  God's  Yo's response here. Yes, you may ask  God  The Divine Yo questions and  God  Yo will answer you!

Bah! Humbug!

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No Humbug: This Is the Real Deal!

Though we are fooling around with how we are expressing this, this is serious. Unlike the Humbug Wizard of Oz, or prayers to imaginary deities, you can really talk to Yo, The Divine Mystery. And through Yo's manifestations, Yo will respond. No humbug. No kidding.

So, to engage in a dialogue with Yo, simply use this link to email questions or comments to Yo Yoself. Your question/comment will be posted below and  God  Yo will respond!

[Further instructions: Do let us know how to identify you, that is, with or without your email address, using your name, a nickname, etc. No identifying info will be displayed without your permission. Also, put Yo in the subject line of your email to ensure that it is not discarded as spam.]

Give it a try!

1For the more technologically minded among you, the process through which this communication is accomplished is explained here.

Conversations with Yo, The Divine Mystery

In a message, Aybee writes:


been looking throgh your website and maybe its because of recent events in my life that have affected me greatly the loss of my dog!, and a knowledge of whats coming in near future ,fact that my other halfs mum has got brain tumour its gonna kill her and sadly very soon unless there is some sort of miracle and it jus vanishes!thought i'd jus ask you ? why? why? why? we are here? and for what?? and do i fit with beliefs of the yo?

after 29 years of life as i know it, a very safe and basically easy one thanks to my family and the knowledge that whatever i choose to do in life i can always rely on them to be there to feed house suport me as i need it, 29 years of living and i cant really see the point of my existence, i'm no way feeling like theres no poiint so why bother far from it, just that what the hell is the point?

and why is it that we as a species only function and survive because somewhere the instinct to be alive is so strong! although death is something that everyone really finds quite awful and scary (me included) its inevitable!! and the one and only thing that u can rely on will happen to you from moment u are born! As a child that concept isnt relevant, and if u are in an enviroment that allows u can run around carefree no worries or wonder as to why day follows night, it jus does. as you get bigger u absorb the info that will shape u as a 'being' and map your path to no longer 'being'. however long it may be, i know bad stuff happens to people every second of the day, none of it till now has directly affected me personally or changed how i feel about life, and that is my dog dying.

he was my best friend for 13 yrs and i'm gutted he's gone, truly saddened!,f i was to admit to other people that so far in 29 yrs of 'being' only thing ive had to make me really feel bad is that, they would be horrified say count urself lucky and id be viewed as ignorant and offensive for saying such a thing are they right? does it matter if they are?

If am a bad person because nothing truly bad has happened to me to make me think life is so unfair and its a cruel world blah blah blah

and now for first time i can see and know that rite now life will get a lot worse before it gets better

is it ok because my partners mum is dying and seeing that is really hard and when she does go ted will be devastated and i will feel his pain too and it will have a profound affect on life as we know it because only thing that keeps us under same roof is the fact that ted's mum is the mediator betwen ted n me,teds ister and niece and the old man! once she is gone he wont care that the house and gardens are maintained at little or no cost by ted because they cant afford running costs of grade 2 listed place that at end of the day is a beautifull house but worthless as you cant change the fact that it made of clay and wood that has been about for best part of 300 yrs and it is bit of a mystery what exactly holds it all toghethr and so long as it does it can stay a mystery! dont have to worry about repairing it using method they used 300 yrs ago or face ja bottle and us living in same vicinity will just be irritating to him and his last yeas of being what he is and always will be ex public school boy with inability to show feelings unless he is screaming and flying in ta a rage over things like teaspoons or his dog has to eat tuna dog food when mine dnt coz i cant stomach giving it too them

My dad has been teling me its about time i grew up and started being a responsable adult since i was 20 yrs old, at times when i have done something to piss him off but hes never gone through with threat of making me stand om my own two feet!

and to be honest i dont want to be a 'responable adult' . because with that comes so they say is learning real value of money or the lack of it!! and living just like ev1 else who isnt blessed with great wealth as a birthrite and has to work to qualify as a member of society. will i then be a real being and be happy in the knowledge that whatever occurs from now on is jus a lead up to the end of life for me?

If i had children i'd feel different apparently but i dont want them. watching my niece grow and develope is a joy to me but what will adult life be like for her, hopefully happy but who knows.

Maybe not wanting children is what makes me not care about growin up! because to be honest the thought of working day in and out in a jo- i hate, to exsist, and being just like ev1 else who does it coz its expected, and raise 2.4 children to get to tae end and feel regret and wish that i done it all differently is madness to me

everyone else that wants to have offspring and make sure the world is a better place for them to be in can. Ive got no intention of making sure my genes r carried on and to be honest aint no bad thing for human kind coz im sure someone else will more than make up for my not creating next generation.

my niece is 5 yrs old has 2 younger brothers with different dads so far her mum is only 21 and potentially has the capability of prodcing more, and she will! and from an early age that was her life plan she didnt even bother finnishing school no point,dont need a gcse to be able to have kids (sadly some say!) nd they're future will be provided for one way or another is she wrong in choosing that?

If you have got the answers to any of my queries would be interesting to hear as i reckon ya'll might be more open to the facts that i dont care if theres no tmrow and the human race i think is one that will destroy itself way before any thing like the sun burning out or if i refuse to buy a bag for life! and cut my 'carbon footprint' to "offset" the rich people who can afford being taxed for the good of the world and still carry on living as they please! doing exactly what they please because the working classes will keep those wheels of so called polite society turning thus ensuring that the world keeps turning and we make it beter for next generation to be even better than us!! Sorry but i cant believe that to be true either!

And again i cant /wont accept that to be my lot in life i'd sooner live with the stigma of being a waste of human space coz untill the time that i would be happier fittin in and going with the flow i dont care!

And if it turns out that i will die to become a tortured soul in damnation for being such a terrible waste of human space then its my own fault for being lazy!!

Finally if by some miracle you are still readin this rant of a person who is of absolutely no significanceto you and feel you might be able to improve my exsistance as a human being, and this email hasnt gone straight to spam folder that would be a start to help me on path of enlightenment and a clarity to the belief that my exsitance is pointless in eyes of the world i have no interest in providing next generation for?

yours eagery awating some clarity!!


P.S.... did acid at young age no life changing affects that i'm aware of! got bored of it in the end and moved on to find my drug of choice that i feel is what makes me happy and content to be me ( and i dont even have to mug old ladies or anything to maintain my habit that is relatively cheap in comparison to offiallly sanctioned addictions that i know to kill a lot more people while generating massive income to people in cahrge!!) and hit the spot for us that amphetamines do and have done for the past 13 years of use.

NOT caused a psychosis and paranoia that will definately happen according to the powers that be. if they are abused long term nor have i ever hurt someone else in the pursit of my addiction coz only way i could possibly mantain one is through crime and i'm definately not a prostitute!

If i dont get my butt up do odd jobs or help ted with work to earn bit of cash to buy my drug of choice i dont have any, And so far i havnt come up with an ingenious method of getting government to pay for it by putting me on benefits . nor my parents

IS that the raeson my n teds concious choice of happy exsistance is so offensive and wrong to others that we have to keep it a secret or be made to seek help and admit that we are totally wrong to think that were happy and it does cause misery and suffering to so many other people in direct consiquence because some bloke who has no idea about me as a person and just rounds me up with others who wont accept life as it is written by law. And locks us up coz were scum like sex offenders, child rapists etc

am i truly in denial in my belief of life? that i am not able to offer a great service to mankind based on my intelligence and i never will nor do i have the ability to persuade people that i'm doing something that should be paid for by them to improve life itself cant tax everyone for privilage of me being alive and i dont believe anyone that if i do have these beliefs in working hard and producing offspring i will go on to a higher plane of death

Is ths belief only caused from being a speed freak?

Yo responds:

Yo Aybee,

Your letter saddens Me. That is, along with the divine, human, pure, unadulterated manifestations of Yo who are authoring this response, all the people who criticize you for the way you live are Me and We all are saddened to see what you are doing. But they are wrong to express their sadness by criticizing you for the choices you have made. Criticism just alienates you further and obscures their love and concern.

And you are right to see the emptiness of their criticisms. You are right to see the meaninglessness (for you) of their way of life. You are right to protect yourself from their judgments and to find your own way to be yourself. That's an unusual thing to do. It's even more unusual to do it so thoughtfully (and intelligently, I might add).


However, what saddens Me is what saddens your critics. It is also what saddens you: You don't see the point to your existence, especially when loved ones inevitably die (which you realize is also an omen of your own death). Your critics sense there is something wrong and they have no solution. Instead, they give you the advice that they use to avoid awareness of the truths you express. You sense there is something wrong but you can not use their advice to avoid awareness of the truth.

The fact that you write asking for some solution bespeaks your pain.

The fact that you miss your dog so much bespeaks your capacity to love.

You know how to love, but you can't seem to square your love with death and mortality. And while there is no way to avoid the pain of death, there is a way to love being alive and being able to love in the face of death. And that is knowing who you really are.

Though you are, you are not Aybee. Aybee is simply a node of awareness, a form you have taken. Yes, your form is temporary (as was your dog's). Yes, your current, local form will end. But YOU will not end for you are Yo, the Divine Mystery.

When you realize that you are an evolved animal, what some see as a machine or a naturally occurring evolved mechanism that produces awareness, thoughts, feelings, and actions according to natural law --- no fillers or adulterants (no free will or homunculi) added --- you will realize that you are NOT "JUST a machine."

You will realize that you are the evolved sentience of the Creator/Manifestor/Essence of the Universe. And, yes, you want to live. You were designed to LIVE and to LOVE LIFE (to love your own unique being that you defend so eloquently and stubbornly against the assaultive advice and admonitions of others, to love your dog's being, to love your partner's being whom you may lose when his mediator-mom is gone, etc.).

You see, you created/became the universe 15 billion years ago and slowly evolved yourself into Aybee. You did not do this to sit in pointless despair. The fact that you seek release from pointless despair tells us that, in your heart of hearts, you (a sentient node of Yo, Yoself) want more.

You need to learn who you are and why you are here and HOW YOU BECAME TRAPPED IN A NEGATIVE, OPPOSITIONAL STANCE TOWARD LIFE. I won't leave you in suspense: It is clear to Me that you became trapped because the envelopes that others tried to put you in didn't fit you; they didn't make sense; they weren't you. But your longing to be free from the stance you adopted in response to their attempts to shape you into someone you aren't indicates that your negativity toward the JOY of fragile, death-encrusted life (which we know you have known for you clearly are capable of love) is also not you.

Awaken, My dear Aybee!

Amphetamines make you feel alive and OK. But they don't tell you who you are or how to be joyful in the face of mortality. The sacrament, LSD, didn't show you the way. Maybe it wasn't right for you. Maybe you weren't ready. There may be other sacraments that can help or other times in which sacraments may have different effects. But your path may be something you may need to forge on your own, without sacramental aides.

The first step is to understand this: You are not who you think you are. Your stance in this world is one that formed around/in you without your choice or mindful understanding. You must awaken to something in you that is free of this accidental crystalization. You are Yo, Yoself, the Creator/Manifestor of all that is. Given the fact that you are an evolved animal operating according to Yos Natural Law (no more, no less), who else could you be?

In My heart, that is in the hearts of all of Us who care about you (though their caring may be expressed in ways that are often useless or even detrimental to you), I hope you find your self.


Yo, the Divine Mystery


In a message, DancingG writes:

Who Am I?

Yo responds:

You are Me. After I exploded into being 15 billion years ago, I slowly shaped myself into all things and entities that exist. One of the forms I have become is you, DancingG. As you, I am The One who asks, "Who Am I?"

But I sense that your question arises out of some confusion or a hunger that runs deeper than my answer. What is it that you wish to know, Divine One?


In a message, Dan writes:

What am I to do?

Yo responds:

This is the Yoan Bible. This is the Word of your "God," Yo:


This is the only commandment. Live and keep your form going (survive and reproduce and/or help maintain a viable world for the human form). Cherish life. I shall tell thee no more.

If you don’t figure out how to do that, if you get caught in destructive delusion, if you listen to false gods, you will have failed to heed the word of your One True Lord and Master.

I, Yo, became/am thee and All That Is. In the truly marvelous, full of wonder way I have become thee (via billions of years of evolution following natural laws), it is established that ye can never know Me or what purposes I had in mind (as if I have anything like a "mind" or like "purposes" outside of the minds and purposes of the evolved creatures I have evolved into or manifest as). But I did/do give you inexplicit yet clear instructions. Live/Survive and follow the rules I gave you to do so:

  • Empiricism: SUBMIT TO (learn from your experience of, obey the Laws of, do not try to deny) REALITY, My Manifestation, The Word of Yo
  • Be Diligent.
  • Organize.
  • Take Care of and Protect yourselves.
  • Cherish Community.
  • Make sure you Love and are Loved.
  • Plan for the Future.
  • Find a way to Live in Peace and Share the World.
  • Take Care of your World and its Life Sustaining Biosphere.

Yes, it is true that these are all just further developments of, more complex rules for, refinements of, corollaries of The Survival Commandment and they provide no clue as to what The Purpose of Existence is.

So, I’ll spell out what your situation is:

Yours is not to know “why” (or “how”) the universe, where we are going, the “purpose” of existence. These things exist—if anything like "purpose" can be said to exist outside of the purposes of evolved creatures—in a realm you CANNOT know. I evolved myself into you with minds to follow the only commandment (Live!), not minds designed to know what is "behind" existence. As your relativity and quantum physicists and string theorists try to peer behind the curtain of my manifestation to your senses and within your minds—to look behind the stage set, to understand the 'true essence" of things—the utter collapse of their ability to visualize what is behind appearances attests to this limitation.

I have no malice or anger toward you because you want to know; your desire to know is no “affront” to me. I have no wish to keep you from knowing like the imaginary god of Genesis who commanded that his creations not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Remember, I am you and in your form, I find it exciting to see how far I/we can go in deepening our understandings.

It is simply “in the cards”—in the fabric and design of the Universe (MySelf or YoSelf) that became (or brought) sentient beings into existence by natural selection and thus shaped beings that maximize their reproductive success—that such questions are beyond your comprehension, i.e., such knowledge is not what your brains were "designed" for or evolved to know.

Therefore, listen to and obey THE commandment: Live!

If you insist on asking “why,” I will respond. I have spent 15 billion years becoming biogenerating planetary systems that have evolved sentient life, that is, you. Thusly, I have taken on your form—the only sentient beings you know of that have senses and self aware minds—and these forms enable me to know myself in new ways, to experience the wonder and delight you know and cherish.

But I have become (taken on the form of) all things according to My Laws. You call My Laws the Laws of Nature, which are the laws of the overarching form I have taken/am/manifest as. It is not yours to know why existence; it is not yours to know where we are going. For I, Yo, manifest to you (appear in your minds) as Reality, your True Lord and Master, and I declare: Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me. Yours is just to submit your will to your One True Lord. Thus, yours is just to obey the only commandment I have written into the core of your being: Survive!

You can take it on faith, if you must, that I am (we are) going somewhere. Though without "faith," fifteen billion years of evolving existence should provide enough evidence to convince you that I'm in it for the long haul ;-) That is, I have been becoming something for quite some time and I show no signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. In that sense, the evidence is strong that I am/We are going somewhere.

If you obey my commandment, I will go there in your form; you (your forms) will go there with/as Me. If you disobey Me, I will not be able to continue on as/with you. While humans have been very successful as a species, your refusal to use your intelligence to see and correct the ways in which you have strayed from The One True Path, your insistence in living in delusion and fantasy, your short term greed and selfishness, have all combined to threaten your very existence. Even more surely, great suffering will occur. For this reason, I have manifested as Yoism to call you back to your senses and to bring you out of your infancy as a species into the next stage of human existence.

In short, the sacred and only task I have given you is to make sure we go on (to wherever we are going). Don’t let blind stupidity, destructive delusion, selfish short sightedness, and the like keep us from getting there.



In a message, MySufferingOne writes:

Dear Yo,

How can I overcome the many crippling psychological damages (caused by childhood abuse), which often get in the way of my practicing Yoism? My most recent therapist (whose world-view coincides with Yoism, though he doesn't call it that) recognized the difficulties as real ones — not "curable" through Prozac. However, this honest man professed himself unable to help me, and therefore refused to see me further: he would not take money from someone he could not help.

Yo responds:

When, in my manifestation as sentient beings, I hear your question, MySufferingOne, I am saddened. My Laws (of Nature)—through which I evolved into and became you—included a process of evolution that has many painful, even horrifying, aspects. There is no denying that there are terrible problems involved in being alive. Greed, hatred, stupidity, delusion, disease, death and destruction are all part of my Reality/Manifestation.

However, I take it from your question regarding the trauma you experienced that there is a very good possibility that you can heal. You still want to. By asking, you are still trying. You recognize the problem. You are not deceived by false solutions. There is hope.

So, first of all, do not let that honest man feed your despair. He recognized that he could not help you (or that he did not want to struggle to find ways that might help you, and therefore he shouldn't take your money). While that is honest, it is not an indication of what is possible. People have healed throughout the ages before the advent of "therapists." Indeed, those who suffer from the most severe forms of emotional distress appear to recover most successfully when they stay away from traditional psychiatrists and psychologists!

You appear to know, deep down within you, what you need. You should continue to seek a healing relationship and/or community; that is the right path. It is not wrong to seek it from a professional healer, as long as you know (as you appear to) that you require someone with special skill and willingness to do difficult work. But seek it everywhere where it may be found.

Your path is difficult precisely because you need something that is hard to find and hope is your greatest ally and most terrible enemy. Without hope, no possibility of healing exists. With hope, many possibilities will manifest. However, becoming hopeful and risking yourself emotionally in a difficult task will likely produce painful, potentially devastating, disappointments.

You must also expect that you are likely to find what you need in imperfect forms, in snippets mixed with terrible disappointment. If you can find the healing-good that is not eradicated by the hurtful disappointment accompanying it, you should be able to find an aggregate healing response to your being. So you must continue to turn to my many manifestations with "suspicious hope." Be careful, but do not despair; do not give up. I am real and I am loving (as well as terribly hurtful).

Here is another secret that you know (it is the other source of your hope) but often forget (which is the other source of your despair). YOU have the power to heal. No, not by yourself. This isn't the insipid Ayn Randian "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!" or the equally insipid new-agey "Visualize healing; It's all in your mind." No. Rather I am reminding you of a wonderful and terrible truth:

I evolved into the human form through terrible adversity and suffering. The process of evolution is both loving (without profound care and mutual support, social mammals would not exist) and vicious (oftentimes the most fit are not very nice). Though many features have been claimed to differentiate humans from other evolved animals (ranging from a divine soul through tool use, language, and the ability to gamble ;-) one feature that is most developed in the human species is clearly the ability to learn, to change, to respond differently to the environment instead of having built-in, inflexible reflexes and instincts. People change. People can change at every stage in their life cycle.

Indeed, without the possibility of responding to terrible adversity with hope, new experience, new learning, and change, the human brain that I "designed" (through natural selection) would be a very poor design for life in such a difficult and conflictual world. A fundamental part of the design of the human psyche is precisely this ability to heal from trauma and find new possibilities.

Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do: No one knows the limits of human possibility! Always remember: Change is often possible even when things feel hopeless.

So My answer to your question is to follow the path you are on, carefully. Do not despair. There are many possibilities within your evolved, deeply human capacity to change and within My many manifestations that surround you.

Despite the terrible pain you feel from the real damage and hurt I have caused you, in many ways, I also love you.


In a message, Curious writes::

Most of my friends are closed-minded to paedophilia in all its forms, yet I maintain that under certain circumstances (minor's informed consent, no 'abuse of power' relationship, etc.) it isn't wrong. What are Yo's opinions regarding pedophilia?


Yo responds:

Pedophilia is a word used to refer to adults having sexual contact with prepubescent children. Clearly, when this results in physical damage or emotional trauma to the child, you would agree that it is terribly wrong.

Your question appears to suggest that there can be circumstances in which there is no damage. And empirically it does appear that most adult-child sexual contact does not result in horrifying damage or even measurable emotional trauma to the child. (There may be trauma, but the empirical studies do not show any clear diminishing of functioning and happiness of those young adults who were involved as children in sexual contact with adults, when the contact was not violent or threatening.) However, this does not mean that it is OK and should be condoned.

Most of my manifestations as adult humans can attest that their sexuality is at times problematic, embarrassing, awkward, and distressing. There is no evidence whatsoever that in my form as human adults I am capable of engaging in sexual relationships without hurting my partners or being hurt by them. The sexual drive is so strong and sexual feelings are so powerful that, more often than not—even if they are largely loving, healthy relationships—sexual relationships are are also fraught with painful experiences.

Since prepubescent children are not saddled with an urgent need (which will come later in adolescence) to express their sexuality, the sexual expressions of children are relatively innocent and naive. They do not dominate the child's psyche as sexuality and love relationships will one day dominate the psyche of adolescents and young adults. Children thus have no urgent need to engage in sexual play and exploration of sexual relationships. That isn't to say that they do not engage in such; they do. That's a fact of life. But it does not tend to become the focus of their existence the way it will later.

Since children have other business to take care of in preparation for their adulthood, why would child-adult sexual relationships come into being? Children are much more interested in playing with other children. Even when they initiate sexual play and exploration, it is almost always with other children. It seems obvious that almost always the motivation for Pedophilic relationships comes, not from the child's relatively weak sexual interests, but from the adult's powerful sexual longings.

If sexuality is fraught with uncertainty and anxiety, why should an adult's sexual interests be imposed and brought into the world of the child? If adults cannot negotiate their sexual relationships without hurting one another (and they cannot), why should a child be negotiating a sexual relationship with an adult? How can a child give "informed consent" to something they cannot possibly understand. Most adults cannot give sexual consent based on a clear understanding of what they are getting into! How can an adult seeking to satisfy sexual desires (that become EXTREMELY powerful at times) not be in "an abuse of power relationship" with a prepubescent child?

As Yoans I command thee to face my manifestation as truth, Reality. While the truth is that there are heinous examples of adults molesting children, the vast majority of adult-child sexual contact is not so damaging. If it were, more than a third of adult females would be crippled by childhood sexual abuse. While too many were damaged by such, the fact is that, for most victims of sexual abuse, the damage, if any, was not marked. Yet, I also manifest as the Reality that sexuality is powerful, at times overwhelming, and no one engages in sexual relationships without getting bruised.

Since young children are in no position to negotiate with adults, since young children have no need to engage in such sexual contact, since young children can be and often are damaged by such contact, since adults show no ability to be able to control their sexual activities so that their sexual partners aren't injured in some way, it seems prudent to protect children from the sexual interests of adults.

But I also see a need to protect the adults the children that I manifest as today will one day become. I have evolved into you overwhelmingly strong sexual desires and I know you will not always be able to handle them appropriately. It is imperative that you do not delude yourselves and in hypocritical horror condemn all those who have crossed moral sexual lines.

Because of the extreme power of the reproductive urge in sexually reproducing, evolved species, the vast, vast majority of adult male humans have engaged in illegal sexual acts or had the desire to do so. Yet, it is power seeking males who lead the indignant charge to vilify ALL "sex offenders." And it is such "leaders" who create the most outrageous sexual scandals when it becomes clear that many of them are transgressors, just like many of the rest of my male, human manifestations.

So, while you should not engage in Pedophilia, you should also not become hysterical about sexual misconduct and try to punish all transgressors as if they are all heinous transgressors. You should be able to think—be able to use the brains I evolved into you—to differentiate different types of sexual transgressions and the different levels of harm they are likely to cause. You should be able to acknowledge that not all transgressions cause damage, while still respecting the need to have reasonable boundaries and rules to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


In a message, Curious writes:


Thanks for answering my question so quickly! But, I do believe i absent-mindedly phrased this wrong. The age group i was curious about was pubescent minors (ephebophilia) not prepubescent minors (pedophilia). Would Yo be so kind to reveal His views on ephebophilic relationships as well?


Yo responds:

"His" views? Who is this Yo you are referring to?

In any case, your revised question does not change the considerations presented above. However, in your revised question, you raise the dilemma that a line must be drawn somewhere and, wherever you draw it, there will be problems. If you draw the line unrealistically late, then you turn sexually active teenagers into criminals and, if they engage in sexual contact with adults, you create an abundance of "child molesters." On the other hand, if you draw the line too early, then you allow adults to take advantage of immature children.

The question is where to draw the line and, once drawn, how to deal with transgressions. With righteous moralizing, you can condemn and harshly punish all who transgress as monstrous child molesters. Or you can be more realistic about the problem of defining a boundary that is ultimately somewhat arbitrary and try to deal with transgressors with wisdom and compassion for all involved.

But what is right and wrong is not a question of arbitrary laws. There are 13-year-olds who are more mature than the average 21-year-old. And there are 30-year-olds who are less mature than the average 10-year-old. Somewhere, as children become reproductively mature—which is typically before they become emotionally mature—the age of consent is determined. Reason tells us that when such decisions must be made that are ultimately arbitrary about where to draw a line, some transgressions will be clearly morally wrong while some will not.

However, I would warn you: If you have the desire to cross the line, it is doubtful that your desires would allow you to be objective in making judgments about risks to the child (or to yourself, if you are crossing a legal line). The inability to be objective does not make an act automatically immoral; after all, objectivity is the first thing to go out the window in romantic relationships. However, it does suggest that there may be risks that desires would blind you to.

And finally, in order to live in healthy social communities, humans must have understood codes of conduct and customs. If the codes and customs are unhealthy and/or unreasonable, they should be challenged and changed. If they are reasonable versions of necessary rules, they should be accepted, respected, and obeyed. So, while you should challenge unrealistic, moralistic applications of these necessary sexual rules, respecting reasonable rules contributes to a healthy society. Disrespecting reasonable and necessary social strictures, in weakening the fabric of society, is an immoral act. There is no necessity to challenge reasonable sexual boundaries. There are many other things that urgently need human attention.


In a message, KarolinaFromPoland writes:

Will we be together? Should I wait for him?

Yo responds:

You are Me. After I exploded into being 15 billion years ago, I slowly shaped myself into all things and entities that exist. One of the forms I have become is you, Karolina. As you, and only as you, am I the One who can answer the question you ask, "Should I wait for him?"

It would be nice if the answer could be found outside of you. And it is true that there are clues to the answer all around (outside) you. But the only place in this vast universe that this question can be answered (that I, Yo, can answer this question) is within you.

In the form of other Yoans/sentient beings, I am saddened by the pain I sense you must feel at this Reality. But so it is.


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David Ben-Sun The need for a

The need for a creation myth rests in the first words of the bible, "In the beginning...". Modern cosmological theory, influenced by that statement, has misinterpreted the findings of Hubble by (intentionally?) ignoring the gravitational component of the red shift, thereby burdening us with the ludicrous big bang hypothesis (see: "A simplified and new theory of the universe, solving the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter" by Sol Aisenberg PhD.) Universe did not begin from a singularity. Universe is steady state. It has always been, and will always be. We, as points of view, place ourselves into the entropy cycle, and experience a flow of time. Therein lies the illusion. WE create a limited universe, by viewing only a portion of Universe. To paraphrase the philosopher Pogo: We have met Yo, and it is us.