Mitt Romney, Child Molester

Religious, sexual hypocrisy from another Republican
as he panders to the sexually uptight, Religious Right.

Note: This video is excerpted from shows that appeared in 2006.
For more about Mormonism and magical underwear, click here.

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The Village Voice: Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, the supposed job creator, actually was a parasitical job destroyer.  Check out the facts.
American Parasite!

More Religious, Right-Wing Hypocrisy

The "Gay Homophobia" of Pastor Ted
Haggard, Congressman Mark Foley,
and Lawmaker Bob Allen.

Insane Child Abuse

In the Name of God
Click Me to see Bill O'Reilly, Sex Offender, in his natural state.
Butt Sex & Adultery:

The real causes of Climate Change
(according to evangelical fundamentalists)
How to make Christian or
Islamic fundamentalists
out of innocent children

Deadly Memes
Stephen Colbert on

World War Weeeee!
And the Truth about Mormonism

On the Universality of Fundamentalist Lunacy

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Vladimir Putin Joins the Russian Chapter of NAMBLA.
(North American Man/Boy Love Association).

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