Timothy Leary circa 1966:

"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!"

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Note: This audio recording was edited from an LP vinyl record made in 1966. The original recording is one hour in length and is difficult to listen to because Timothy paused excessively between each phrase, sometimes several times in one sentence. He was apparently trying to talk in a meditative, holy way, but it makes the original hard to sit through because it is SO slow.

In this edited version, which contains almost all of the original material (minus things like a lengthy description of Millbrook's layout), the pauses have been largely edited out. This occasionally makes the audio sound odd in a sing-songy way and, at times, it may also be difficult to listen to. But on the plus side, it is half the length of the original. It's six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other ;-)

If you want to download the original files with the full length recording, right-click here.

Timothy Leary Was Wrong!

Well, that's too simplistic. We consider much of what Leary said to be sacred, divine wisdom. But much of what he believed was downright naive. For an example, consider his belief that the sacred psychedelic sacraments (and later his belief that the Internet) would overcome the ancient, long-evolved human tendency to seek and consolidate power.

In contrast, the formation of Yoism is based on the clear understanding that only an organized dedicated group of people can compete with other highly organized groups promulgating their versions of reality. Indeed, the near total failure of Leary and the hippie movement to achieve the ends—ends that they were so sure were inevitable—provides a prime example of why a new religion like Yoism is needed.

For a further exploration of these issues and to see how South Park's Trey Parker approached this issue, take a look at The Trouble with Trippies.

Saint Timothy Was Right!

Despite his character flaws and folly, Timothy was a genuine Yoan Saint. He tried to promote some of the holiest, most profound religious ideals ever formulated. For a closer look at some of his insights, as well as some of his folly, consider the following.

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