Some of the Many Saints of Yo

These are the first and last names of the Saints,
in order of their first appearance in
"The Word, According to Yo."

It is important to remember that, in Yoism, a Saint could be, but is not necessarily an especially moral or well-behaved person. Rather, Yoan Saints are people who have enabled us to understand more clearly (or to appreciate more fully) the mystery of Yo, i.e., those who have made major enhancements to our ability to thrive and/or appreciate the miracle of existence.

Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

Mike Heron and Incredible String Band (ISB)

Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton

Rosalind Franklin

Francis Crick

James Watson

Robert Trivers, (quotation is from Social Evolution)

Charles Darwin

Alan Watts, (quotation from The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are)

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sigmund Freud

John (II) Lennon

Richard Dawkins

Timothy Leary

Francis Bacon

John (I) Locke

David Hume

Immanuel Kant, (quotation is from the preface to the second edition of Critique of Pure Reason, (1781/1787)

George (I) Berkeley

Galileo Galilei

Friedrich Nietsche

Bob Dylan

James Loewen, Lies my Teacher Told Me

Johannes Eckhart

Thomas (II) Jefferson, in letters to John Adams (8/15/1820) and Samuel Monticello (1/19/1810)

George (II) Harrison

Robin Williamson and Incredible String Band (ISB)

Robert Hunter (lyricist for the Grateful Dead)

Carl Sagan

Janis Joplin

Mohandas Gandhi

Paul Ehrlich

William Hamilton

Buckminster Fuller

Howard Zinn

Thomas (I) Traherne

If you have another name that should be added to The Word or one that is associated with an insightful or striking quotation that you think should be added to our Quotations from Famous Yoans list, please let us know (use the "add a comment" button or the email link in the box at the bottom of the page).

    The Word According to Yo

  1. Chapter I: In the beginning. Creation and the structure of our world.
  2. Chapter II: Yo vs. God
  3. Chapter III: Proof of the Existence of Yo
  4. Chapter IV: A Grade One, Galilee Miracle
  5. Chapter V: The Implications of Yo

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Sainthood Proposal

Ahoy Yoans,

I'd like to recommend the addition of Salman Rushdie to your list of saints because of his contributions to human understanding of religion and its origins. I also submit a quote from his interview by Bill Moyers for PBS:

"The time-honored role of the artist (is) to speak truth to power."

Kindest Regards,
J.T. Monroe

Re: Sainthood Proposal

The Rushdie quotation was added to the Quotations from Yoan Saints page between MLK and Einstein.


Rushdie proposal

Sounds good to me.

This page is just a list of Saints that appear in The Word (a key, so to speak, for readers who want to know the last names of the Saints whose first names only appear in The Word). There are many other Saints mentioned on other pages.

Do you know of a short piece by Rushdie or about him or his work that would fit in some context on our site? (You can email it or put it in a comment on a page where you think it belongs.)