The Ten Sacred Principles of
The Way of Yo

We hold these truths to be self-evident,

  1. That all humans are sacred beings that come into the world with equal unalienable Rights.

  2. That among these Rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

  3. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That these Rights may be constrained when, and only when, their constraint is necessary for the maintenance and operation of an effective Government that can secure these Rights.

  4. That these Rights may not be constrained because of religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, race, discomfort with the ideas espoused or actions taken by others, or any other reason that may be put forth to justify constraint other than that constraint that is necessary for the operation of an effective Government that can secure these Rights.

  5. That our essential human compassion dictates that all children should be given the chance to grow, thrive, be loved, and to explore their potential. That all people—whether children or adults—who have not had sufficient opportunities must also be given the chance to thrive and grow, to the fullest extent that the community can reasonably provide. A society depends on healthy, thriving, educated, and free citizens to enable it to function and for its protection.
  6. "How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it." (Adam Smith)
  7. That, as profoundly social creatures, we can only achieve our potential when we have the option of participating in healthy, supportive, loving relationships and communities. That participating in the creation of such healthy communities is the sacred duty of all Yoans.

  8. That adequate food, shelter, clothing, health care, and other material essentials—in addition to access to information, including the accumulated stores of human knowledge and culture—are necessary for these Rights to be realized and for the members of the community to have the vigor required to protect these Rights. All who are willing (whether able or not) to engage in a fair share of productive work have a Right to have access to these essentials, at least to the degree necessary for the exercise of these Rights.

  9. That it is our sacred duty to protect the life sustaining biosphere and the diversity of living creatures.

  10. That—in addition to loving, cooperative communities—dangerous ideas, forces, delusions, and sick coalitions of people abound in our world, a world filled with deceptions and self-deceptions. These dangerous others can NOT be identified by the extent to which what they believe conflicts with what we believe. Rather, these dangerous others can be identified by the degree to which they act to deprive others of Life, Liberty, and the ability to pursue Happiness. It is our duty to help others come to understand these Sacred Truths and to enable The Way of Yo to grow into an effective force for healing our world. Simultaneously, it is our duty to continually recognize the danger of defining in-groups (Us) and out-groups (Them), for such definitions have been used to justify and encourage terribly evil actions against others. Toward this end, we include in our Gatherings the singing of The Hallelujah Prayer of Yo.

  11. In pursuit of these goals, Yoans are not guided by dogmatically proclaimed, fixed truths. All Yoans turn to the court of their personal, direct experience of the world and then, employing the Open Source Truth Process, join together in our collective attempt to formulate the current (best we can do at the moment, unfixed, and open to further revision by the community) Open Source Truths (OST's) that guide us in our pursuit of these Sacred Goals.

Our individual experience cannot come close to encompassing the totality of being. By collaborating in this exploration of the "Face of Yo" [i.e., Reality, or Yo as directly experienced by each person] with other dedicated truth seekers, we can expand our experience, as well as gain the insight and understanding of our community members.

The current culmination of this continual collaboration is the GHOST (The Growing Holy Open Source Truth) with the Book of Yo at its core. The Book of Yo is the foundation of our community: It's the basis of community action and further exploration. The Book of Yo is forever evolving and changing as we learn more about Reality.

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About Yo...

As an internet anonymity, I would like to commend this organisation, regarding its stance to religion, its emphasis on the importance of science and its search for the truth. However, the vocabulary used within the site tends to veer more and more in an odd direction... I started to worry when "sacred principles" and "self evident" were used in the same context, and the contradicting statements saying that that truths may be upheld, but no truth can be proved. Indeed strange things happen to the human mind when it tries to grasp incomprihensible. In all my years the only things which I havent been able to take for granted are: 1: there is truth 2: not the truth or any part of it is completely comprehensible 3: the truth only regards existence; there is no morality or divinity within the truth We create a truth within our minds, because if we didn't, humans wouldn't have survived as a species. Moreover, the truth is an aspiration. So you can keep on a-lookin', and what ever happens, you can see if I care.

re: About Yo

Yo DC,

You clearly care (or you wouldn't have made such a comment). And if you weren't worried about certitude than you wouldn't be "getting" Yoism. Yoism places that concern at its very center, at its core, i.e., the danger of religious certitude/righteousness.

However, there is also the danger of not wielding dangerous but extremely powerful tools and allowing the deluded to continue to run our world because they are all-too-willing to wield such tools and they have no real understanding of the danger. The trick is to understand the danger fully, to keep your eye on it, but then to use that understanding to wield a powerful dangerous force safely. This trick has never been accomplished by humans. Yoism is the first attempt we know of to do just that.

But then again, no human collaborative activity has ever been built around the full understanding of the danger of religion AND then attempted to organize as religion. Dynamite can only be used safely and constructively if its danger is fully respected. Please help us continue to develop a social technology for wielding this dangerous force safely. Otherwise, we leave control of our world in the hands of the insane.

May the PLWYGYWO, Dan