Climate Change & Environmental Degradation

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The details may be debatable, but the data is in.

Global climate change is no longer a hypothesis but a fact. The phenomenon is global and affects many aspects of our world and our lives. So understanding climate change requires diverse scientific disciplines. These scientists have written thousands of pages of articles and/or technical reports. Here, they each turn to you and summarize their essential findings in one or two minutes.

Climate and National Security Changing lifestyles around the world Reading the history of climate in the ice…
"It is generally accepted climate change as an environmental problem. (...) But recently, we see that climate change is a common, national security problem." "I always tell people who ask me what they can" start with your diet, start by eating less meat." "And so it is almost thirty years, they thought the greenhouse gas emissions could play a role, we have shown for the first time because we could compare the change in climate over changes in greenhouse gases emissions that are measured in air bubbles."

Drought and conflict in Sudan Stephen Schneider answers skeptics The Maldives and the rising waters
"The decline in land productivity drives some farmers to expand acreage. In so doing, they block roads traditionally used by nomadic herders." "It is totally absurd to say that we need absolute proof, before we use the information to make military, medical, and economic decisions." "As a citizen of the Maldives, what I have to say to the world is that we may be among the first to be affected by climate change (...) but make no mistake, we will not the last."

The fish in the Mediterranean What is changing in Juneau, Alaska Alaska and the Maldives…
"What solutions are there for the changes caused by climate change in the Mediterranean? I am a researcher in fish in this area; I see no solution." "And then, as the ice melts, there are new spaces for plants, animals migrate. Sometimes it's good, sometimes you do not know." "The problem is that if the glaciers melt, the water goes into the ocean and 'bye bye' the Maldives."

Melting of Permafrost in Canada Genetically Modified Organisms are not the solution to climate change Rain and seeds in Mali
"There is new a building in Mayo that was unusable after 18 months (...) because the building's architecture did not take into account the melting of permafrost." "I makes me terribly afraid that people believe so much in progress. They believe that technological advances will solve all the issues raised by our current technological progress." "(..) Farmers must understand the new environment in which they live and no longer hope every year that the situation will improve."

The role of forests in the fight against climate change New species for a new climate Bleaching of coral in Australia
"Ecosystems can play an important role and contribute to a vicious circle in which climate change causes more climate change." "The IPCC simulations on the expected climate changes (...) are taken into account very seriously by foresters who by their nature think in decades, even centuries." "I've been diving around the Great Barrier Reef for 15 years, and I dove around many different reefs, and I've seen how magnificent they can be. Since about 2002, I have been seeing coral bleaching."

The increasing intensity of typhoons in Taiwan The melting of Andean glaciers ... and the alpacas Identities and cultures in danger
"Normally Typhoons last one day or less than a day. But now they last almost 2 Days around Taiwan." "The glaciers feed a number of pastures, which are called Bofedales, where the Alpaca live. (...) When the glaciers no longer exist, there will be no more water coming from the glaciers. These natural pastures are disappearing." "We must not forget that this is not just a territory that goes, not only houses, a place of life, sometimes entire cultures, languages and nationalities even disappear."