Climate Change Art

Although climate change is a reality of today, it is one that has not sunk in for many/most people, and the last nine years haven't been good for the Earth's PR:

From the Harper's List:

Percentage of G.O.P. House and Senate members in an April 2006 poll who believed humans are causing climate change: 23

Percentage who believed this in January 2007: 16

Portion of states where the projected climate in 2100 will not be able to sustain their official tree or flower: 3/5

Change since 2001 in the percentage of Americans who believe that humans are causing climate change: –4

Climate Change Artists is an effort that is meant in part to improve the messaging around climate change. Also, it a platform for the creation of visual dialog about climate change.

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We are now taking artwork for our next exhibition which will be at Columbia University April 20- May 9
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