The Hallelujah Prayer of Yo

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We join together because we must.
We join together because, as it was said:

"Humans are, by nature, political animals, while one who is unable to enter into political associations, or who, on account of yos self-sufficiency, has no need of community, is either an animal lower than a human, or else is a god." [Aristotle, The Politics]
We join together because without some form of human community, each individual is alone, terrified, and insane.
We join together because, as it was said, "No human is an island."
We join together because only in community can we realize our full human potential.
We join together to be more than we can be alone.
We join together because we must.

Yet, throughout human history, when people joined together and defined a community of US, they simultaneously defined a boundary. For every definition of X—not by the nature of X, but by the very nature of definitions—also must exclude what is not-X.

Today as we join together may we find the safety and strength to stand together against those values, beliefs, and actions that are destroying our world and enslaving and killing others. May we fight such evils in the most effective manner necessary, while never forgetting the divine human spirit and potential that exists within each and every human being.

Today as we join together may we find the meaning of community with one another and never lose sight of that divine human spirit that lives inside those who are not with us.

Today as we join together may each of us find more of yos potential and become more than each can be alone, without making anyone else less than they are or can be.

Today as we join together may we dance and sing the songs of love and joy that can only exist when our voices are joined in community. And may we join our voices in a manner that encourages all to join in our celebration. If they cannot or choose not to join us, may our singing not drown out their voices. Rather, may our celebration of community help others find their own ways to celebrate their membership in the divine human community.

Today as we join together may our celebration of US enhance the Holy Spirit's ancient search for the diverse ways in which YO can flower into expressions of divine beauty and joyous being.

In this spirit we sing Hallelujah.