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Inside Job:  Watch the Academy Award winning documentary explaining the economic collapse of 2008.
May 17, 2011
Pick One: Faith vs Science
Show your faith in faith by flying Nepal Air:  The only airline that sacrifices goats for your safety!

September 15, 2010
Faith-Based Medicine
The Panata:  Faith-Based Medicine and an actual crucifixion.

A Modern Day Crucifixion

March 23, 2010
Job's God versus Yo
The similarities between the God of the Old Testament and Yo.

March 1, 2010
Atheism vs. Religion
Stanley Fish on Richard Dawkins and Atheism, with Michael Lerner on Barack Obama & Paul Hawken on ''Being a Human Being''
Four Essays on Human Meaning

Featuring Stanley Fish on Dawkins,
Michael Lerner on Obama, and
Paul Hawken On Being Human

June 1, 2009
The Commons
Dave Rovics and the Commons

April 8, 2009
Yoism Italy:
February 1, 2009
The War On Christmas 2008
Stephen Colbert's War On Christmas 2008

December 15, 2008
After aiding the BUSH, GREENSPAN, & CO.® destructive deregulation of the economy, can Ben Bernanke, a decent, misguided man, help make things right?
December 9, 2008
R. D. Laing & David Rosenhan in a BBC video exploring the meaning and impact of psychiatric diagnoses.
December 21, 2008
Click here for Lewis Black On Truth Click here for Lewis Black On Humor Click here for Lewis Black On Greed
On Truth (click his thumb)
On Humor (click his pinkie)
On Greed (click index finger)
February 6, 2008
Turning the Other Cheek
Christian Monks clash at the Sacred Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

November 21, 2008
More Uncanny

Optical Illusions!

Updated March 20, 2008

March 6, 2008

November 18, 2007

April 21, 2007

You Decide.
June 4, 2007
We found the
Come see for yourself.

January 29, 2006
More Right Wing
Homophobic Hypocrisy

"Scary, black men
made me do it!"
August 10, 2007

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July 9, 2007
The cYOr Project
Create Your Own Religion
using the Wikimedia
You can also help us create
The Book of Yo
in our new WikiYo

November 6, 2005