Community is the foundation for emotional well being and spiritual fulfillment.

Humans are profoundly social creatures who require a vital web of relatedness for psychological and emotional well-being, just as the human body requires oxygen for physical well-being. Because of this, Yoans work toward the creation of healthy communities.

One of the most important insights that evolution gives us is that, for our species, tribal communities were the context in which humans evolved. Our profound adaptations to such a living situation make some form of human community vital to our emotional well being. To be emotionally whole (spiritually fulfilled), and to achieve yos greatest potential, a person needs to be part of a group of people who live and/or work together, who share a commitment to each other's welfare, and who share common values, beliefs, and identity.

The absence of this kind of community in modern society is the root of many of the persisting social problems we face today. Without this community foundation, people weaken and fall victim to drugs, crime, mental illness, blind consumerism, and intense greed. Unfortunately, many people are so out of touch with their basic needs that they never recognize this hole in their lives.

From this understanding of the importance of community, we derive the sixth of our Ten Sacred Principles:

As profoundly social creatures, we can only achieve our potential when we have the option of participating in healthy, supportive, loving relationships and communities. That participating in the creation of such healthy communities is the sacred duty of all Yoans.

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