Is Yoism a Joke?!?

Why join us and contribute to Yoism?

If you are new to Yoism, you may not understand what all this is about. There is so much "stuff" on this web site. You may be confused and wonder if there is any real core to it all. Because of the abundance of humor, some people have even reached the erroneous conclusion that Yoism is a joke!

Well, if you follow the link in the above paragraph (or click on Jerry, the laughing mouse), you will see that nothing could be further from the truth. To get a clearer sense of Yoism and this web site, follow the links on the left side of this page, starting with "The Way of Yo" and the text links immediately below that.


If you have come to understand and appreciate what we are trying to do, we hope you will join us. Given how important it is to have resources to support any effective human activity, we hope you will also consider making a donation. You can donate your time and effort or — assuming you understand that humor and a very serious enterprise can coexist: since Einstein demonstrated that money is concentrated effort accumulated over time (M = te2) — you could make a much needed monetary, tax-deductible donation to Yoism and/or to a Yoan project.

Donate your time and skills!

You can help us spread the enlightenment meme system of Yoism by posting links to different pages on blogs and discussion forums. The more people who know about Yoism and get involved, the more positive impact we will be able to have.

Also, consider donating your skills. A website programmer has volunteered to revise our website and reorganize it. One computer expert has taken it on himself to patrol the WikiYo and to ensure that spammers can't destroy it again. (The WikiYo is temporarily down as we are in the process of updating our Drupal installation.) We need people to organize the data we have about Yoans all over the world who are looking for others in their area to start "Gatherings." We would like to start an online store that sells quality, sustainable goods that are made by people receiving a fair wage. There are many, many other possibilities.

Donate Money

And if you don't have the time or if you are not ready "to join us," even if you are not "a joiner," if you value the information and viewpoint we are disseminating—and even if you just find our site entertaining—please help support this web site. Small contributions from many people will make a big difference in what we are able to present here and in keeping this site going.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though we have put a request for donations an some of our more popular pages, few people actually donate and donations have not reached the point where they cover the cost for just serving out these web pages, i.e., the monthly fees we must pay to the hosting service that stores copies of our web pages and feeds them out over the Internet when you visit our web site. It is important not to assume that we are getting plenty of donations and that this is a money making venture. We hope you will join the small number of folks who have chosen to donate money and that, eventually if a lot of folks make small contributions, we will have the money we need to sustain Yoism and even grow.

Also, please note that, unlike many other religious organizations that ask for money, ALL those who are closely involved with Yoism donate their time and money TO Yoism. No Yoan is getting money FROM Yoism!

Donations are used entirely for supporting Yoan Charities and for supporting the development and growth of Yoism. To repeat: Yo, Inc. does not provide salaries, stipends, income, payments, money, etc. to anyone related in any way to the founding, control (Board of Directors), and/or ongoing operation of Yo, Inc. All money is used to pay for infrastructure (such as paying for the server that feeds the pages of this web site out over the Internet). All those involved in The Way of Yo are volunteers, many of whom tithe their own time and/or money to further Yoism. As the Open Source Religion, Yo, Inc.'s financial history is open to all participating Yoans.

NOTE: Money donated to Yo, Inc. for specific charitable projects (such as Zuzu's Place) is not used to support Yo, Inc.'s infrastructure (such as this web site): 100% of such donations are used to support the designated charitable project.

Make a Difference!

If just a small percentage of people who visit make a contribution, we will have the resources to be able to organize new activities and to spread the word about what we are doing. If you see the importance of our mission and our vision, PLEASE do not leave this page without considering this: The vast majority of visitors could use the form below to make an automatic $5.00/month payment without noticing any impact on their lives. Yet if only 1% of our visitors did so, we would have sufficient resources to enable The Way of Yo to explode onto the world scene. The Yoan meme system would then become a real force to contend with.

Many people assume that religions rake in a lot of money. While that may be so for established, traditional religions, it is not so for Yoism. If you assume we collect enough money from other people to cover our basic expenses, unfortunately that is just not true. We NEED contributions from folks who understand what we are trying to do and why it is important to spread a sane meme system in an insane world. So please consider actually making a contribution!

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