Aldous Huxley, A True Yoan Saint

"You never see animals going through the absurd and often horrible fooleries of magic and religion. Only man behaves with such gratuitous folly. It is the price he has to pay for being intelligent but not, as yet, quite intelligent enough."

As you will see in the videos on this page, Aldous Huxley focused his creative energies on central Yoan themes. For Huxley, science and religion (immanent, mystical religion, that is) were completely compatible. For Huxley, the timeless infinite was always present in the finite moment, if only we could open "the doors of perception." For Huxley, who you will hear describe the daunting task he set for himself of designing a Utopian society, creating Heaven on Earth was the proper work of any enlightened human.

And for Huxley, the manipulative deceptions and mind control used by totalitarian regimes—that with modern technology would no longer need to resort to terror in order to maintain control—were a cause for deep concern:

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."

Sometimes, Only the Court Jesters Are Allowed
(mainstream media space) to Speak the Truth.

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Chris Rock Put It More Succinctly
(but less politely ;-)

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Part of what is so astounding about Huxley is that he was able to envision our present course back in 1932, when he wrote Brave New World. Still, it should be noted that his prophecy was wrong in certain ways; it was only much later that Huxley realized the distinction between mind controlling and mind liberating drugs.

Mind Expanding Sacraments

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Versus Mind Controlling Drugs

The mind controlling drugs are actively promoted by the authorities. Meanwhile, lest we awaken and challenge their authority, the same authorities criminalize the subversive mind expanding chemicals that help to lift the veil of illusion from our eyes. But Huxley made a more important error in his prophecy; he thought it would take much, much longer for humanity to slide into a corporamedia, pharmaco-technologic stupor. He was quite dismayed to see his prophecies, that he placed centuries into the future, begin to come true in just 27 years!

Aren't you exaggerating? We aren't "slaves" to technology.

It's true that there have been technological marvels that have greatly enriched the human experience. But whether or not we feel enslaved by our technological prowess or we feel freed to let machinery take over the mundane drudgery depends on whether or not you work on an assembly line in a factory and whether that factory is in a rich, developed country. While no one finds assembly line work to be anything but deadening, at least in First World countries, factory workers can afford to buy nice things and diversions that can make the trade off feel tolerable.

Hypnotized Middle Class Consumers. If you want to see something amazing, click the center of the spiral.

Global Slavelization

However, in the Third World, the only difference between slave labor and actual working conditions is that slaves are treated better! You don't want to damage your property and diminish its value. In contrast, in the overpopulated developing world, multinational corporations compete with one another by farming out production to factories in which fungible workers are paid sub-subsistence wages. If they succumb to illness or complain—or, Yo forbid, dare to organize for better working conditions—they are immediately fired.

Unlike the First World's history of labor's struggle for livable wages and decent working conditions, these new, human "beasts of burden" can never expect to escape from the grip of global slavelization. Consider: If they were even to begin to be successful in their struggle, the factory will simply be moved to another Third World country where the corrupt leaders welcome international slave drivers who, along with their factories, come bearing "gifts" (i.e., massive bribes) for those in power. Loggers can take their machinery from mountain to mountain, harvest the trees, and when the hillside is denuded, they can just move their machinery to another site. Well, thanks to technological advances in transportation, shipping, and communication (making the location of factories irrelevant and easily changeable), along with the population explosion with its hell-bent spread of abject poverty, there is an endless supply of hapless, human fodder to be ground up in the new, mobile machinery.

And, of course, traveling factories are unnecessary. The fact that it CAN be done and HAS been done is enough. It is the obvious threat that controls wages, keeping them at subsistence levels: "If you organize and/or choose political leaders who demand decent wages and working conditions, we will move our factory to X, Y, or Z country, where we already have similar factories and they don't give us any trouble." Corrupt authorities can then pose as mere realists, saying, "Slavelization, Inc. provides jobs to our people. If we try to regulate them by setting a minimum wage or safe working conditions or by allowing our foolishly unrealistic workers to organize, they'll move to another country and take these jobs with them. Our country needs these jobs."

"Globalization will be a boon to the common man . . . It's a rising tide that will lift all boats."

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And then they spout the economic development nonsense about how the First World industrialized countries went through this process and eventually the workers' conditions will improve. "A rising tide that will lift all boats." What is left out of that self-serving fantasy is the reality that the law of supply and demand applies to labor too. When striking workers in First World countries demanded decent pay and working conditions, they were able to shrink the supply of available workers in the vicinity of a relatively unmovable, costly factory that needed to be in the same geographic area as the market for what it produced.

Thus, the strikers were able to make the cost of violent suppression so great that the Haves gave in and allowed the Have-Nots to have a little more. But now the violent suppression necessary is readily carried out in Third World countries where we don't have to watch, factories dependent on large amounts of human labor can be easily relocated, goods can be produced anywhere no matter where they are sold, and the supply of workers is simply endless. Sure the workers can organize. They can also hold their breath and refuse to breathe until they are given better working conditions.

Worldwide, the gap between rich and poor is growing so rapidly that even conservative, mainstream economists bemoan the fact. Unlike the fanciful rationale used to support this obscene redistribution of wealth—the lies about how globalization brings needed jobs to the third world where eventually they will be able to organize and struggle to enter the middle class just as folks in the First World did—worldwide, proportionally, the middle class is disappearing not increasing! Self-serving economic theories aside, as Yoans we must turn to Reality to determine what to believe.

Huxley Sounded the Alarm More than Half a Century Ago;
We must listen, before it is too late.

Huxley Interview: Part I
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Huxley Interview: Part II
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There's a new ''medication'' that can help you do what you have been told to do.  That's a good doggy!But Huxley wasn't just talking about that kind of slavery

Indeed, in the last video on this page, when you hear Huxley compare the Sabbath to technology ("the Sabbath was meant for man, not man for the Sabbath," Mark 2:27), his words do not refer to the horrifying enslavement found today in the Third World and associated with corporate globalization. Huxley was trying, rather, to capture the insidious nature of technologically enhanced enslavement. With new drugs, "bread and circuses," technological baubles, and endless diversions, we have become largely unaware of the chains that bind us. In Huxley's Brave New World, he did not anticipate how our invisible chains would contribute to the literal enslavement of countless "invisible," faceless workers in distant lands.

So, be that as it may, are we exaggerating when we talk about insidious technopharmalogic slavelization? Before you listen to more of Huxley's words, consider the following brief advertisement, an ad that would have been utterly inconceivable in Huxley's day. Back then when the center of human life was considered to be family and one's ethno-religious community, no one in their right minds would have thought that the ability to turn the entire world into a work place was anything but an absurd, Grade D, science fiction, horror story. Slowly, our technology has been taken over by multinational corporations and become our new technopharmacorporate taskmaster. As you listen to this, keep in mind that the copywriters and promoters of this ad thought Sprint and Nextel should be proud (!) of an accomplishment that not very long ago would have been considered . . . simply vile.

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The battle for control has just begun

And, of course, Huxley's prophecies have not yet been fully realized. We are now in the throes of a major battle for power and control. On the one hand, we have the mind-controlling, bureaucratic multinational corporations that dole out a stupefying regimen of alienating work needed to support chronic, distracting consumption, the new "opiate of the people." This regimen is fortified by psychiatric drugs (e.g., the so-called, new "antidepressants," precursors to Huxley's soma). These "new vitamins" that repair "chemical imbalances in our brains" are needed when the vast emptiness of corporate slavelization leads to inevitable breakdowns, when roundish pegs fail to take their place in the squarish holes cut out for them.

Just Take Your Drugs &
Pay No Attention to the Men Behind the Curtain!

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On the other hand, we have traditional groups struggling to maintain their power the old-fashioned way, using fundamentalist dogma, more overtly violent indoctrination, and vicious terror to keep the masses in line. The old style "fanatic fundamentalists" accurately see the "New, Improved Pharmacontrol," touting "Polyunsaturated Techno-Fantasies, with 47% Less Religious Delusion" and with "The Bloody Mess in the (Third World) Kitchen, Not in Your Hand" as anathema. Indeed, the new corporatocracy would obviate the traditional power holders. So it is no wonder that the traditionalists ("fundamentalists") actively encourage their followers to fight to their deaths (their followers' deaths, that is) rather than acquiesce to the New World Order.

And, of course, things aren't that simple. There are alliances between soma-saturated, corporate oligarchies and fundamentalist loonies (e.g., in the United States) that are engaged in deadly battle with the fallout from other loony alliances (e.g., the Western supported Saudi Arabian oil kingdom that is alloyed with the extreme Islamic fundamentalism that the Saudis support and proliferate, or the Shah's oil-based dictatorship that was taken over by Shiite fundamentalists). There are also individuals and groups of people who have managed to combine the two approaches (religious delusion and laissez faire celebration of greedy individualism) into one within themselves, e.g., fundamentalist Christianity with (Ayn) Randy Objectivism.

And if we are to avoid the sound-bite analytic style of these competing ideologies and alliances, we have to acknowledge that the situation is even more complicated: There are alliances between competing entities even though the participating parties are organized by antagonistic systems of belief, e.g., the corporatocracy's arrangement with the loony fundamentalism of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. And there are even times when some such alliances may be necessary, e.g., when the Allied Forces in World War II united sworn enemies (the capitalist West and the Soviet Union) to fight the much more horribly destructive, racist lunacy of Nazism that had temporarily allied itself to racist, Japanese Imperialism.

Pharmacontrol, Bread & Circuses: The New "Means of Control"

Yet, despite the complexities of the entangled alliances, Huxley's conceptual vision was sound: The "means of control" have been changing. Technological achievements (e.g., in transportation and communication) have enabled global entities (corporations) to evolve. These entities now produce an amazing stream of technological baubles that most people, even those who have been surrounded by them all their lives, find to be so incomprehensibly magical that they cannot distinguish between the validity of the science underlying them and their religious beliefs.

"A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (Arthur C. Clarke)

[Scientist at a press conference:] "I’m afraid I can’t comment on the name Rain God at this present time . . . we are calling him an example of a Spontaneous Para-Causal Meteorological Phenomenon."
     "Can you tell us what that means?"
     "I’m not altogether sure. Let’s be straight here. If we find something we can’t understand we like to call it something you can’t understand, or indeed pronounce. I mean if we just let you go around calling him a Rain God, then that suggests that you know something we don’t, and I’m afraid we couldn’t have that. No, first we have to call it something which says it’s ours, not yours, then we set about finding some way of proving it’s not what you said it is, but something we say it is. And if it turns out that you’re right, you’ll still be wrong, because we will simply call him . . . er, ‘Supernormal’─not paranormal or supernatural because you think you know what those mean now, no, a ‘Supernormal Incremental Precipitation Inducer.’ We’ll probably want to shove a ‘Quasi’ in there somewhere to protect ourselves. Rain God! Huh, never heard such nonsense in my life." (Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish)

When reality is too much to bear, take Oblivinol!And our technology now produces an endless stream of chemicals (psychotropic drugs) that can be used to biologically tweak our emotional and cognitive experiences. Since the use of drugs is tightly controlled by the ruling elite, those drugs that support our authoritarian "leaders" (regardless of their underlying belief systems and tangled alliances) are now universally labeled "medicines," while those chemicals that tend to interfere with social controls (and therefore are often used or promoted by those challenging the power of the elite) are called dangerous "drugs." Thus, there is yet another product of our technology that enables the power holders to manipulate the experience of the masses and has made the current systems of human organization and control truly different from anything in our past.

Huxley was one of the first to see this transition coming and to sound an alarm. We are being bamboozled into trading one form of servitude for another. While less painful (for those of us in the industrialized world) to surrender to the new form, it is still deadly in the long run. Our new leaders remain unwilling to face reality. They continue to trade humanity's future and the potential for fulfillment of the many in exchange for the continuing and increasing (!) hold on power and wealth for the few. And to the degree that this modern, dangerous servitude is less painful, it is that much more insidious. It is becoming harder to see the chains that bind us in dangerous delusion. It is becoming harder to awaken from dreams destined to become nightmares. But awaken we must!

Huxley Woke Up:

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Now It's Our Turn:

As Saint Mike (and The ISB) sang:

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