Pareidolia and The Search for God

Pareidolia is the process by which people find familiar images in random scenes. Faces are the most common form of pareidolia. And, yes, this is the process by which "miracles" happen when people think they found the Virgin Mary or Jesus in the bark of a tree, a piece of toast, or shadows and lights reflected off the side of a building.
For examples of "miraculous" pareidolia and other religious icons,
see our Virgin Mary Miracles Page featuring Penn & Teller on miracles, a real,
bleeding, Virgin Mary statue, & excerpts from South Park's "Bloody Mary" episode.
To see how we found God (three angry Yawehs, a video of Yahweh and
one of Allah, and two Jesi, one winking ;-), see The Pareidolia Experiment.
And pareidolia aside, here
is a famous Yoan's view of
The Traditional "God" Concept:

Homer's Proof
The Simpsontological Argument

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Homer Converts

to Catholicism!

Creation vs Evolution, Simpson Style (along
with a very brief version of the creation
story believed by most Americans).

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Deadly Memes

How to make Christian or
Islamic fundamentalists
out of innocent children

This is what TERRIFIES

Religious Fanatics!

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