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First, Richard Dawkins On Quantum Theory

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So, what is Quantum Theory? And what does Quantum Physics tell us about our world?

The videos below explore some of the implications of modern science, specifically modern quantum physics, for a Yoan view of reality that is both spiritual and scientific. While excerpted from a movie (What the Bleep Do We Know!?) that has developed a "cult" following and that includes ideas that many Yoans find too filled with magical, "new-agey" notions, note that Yoism borrows from all religious meme systems. We seek to combine the best and most accurate insights that have been developed by anyone anywhere. We carefully cull out the gems and discard the magical thinking and unsupported speculations to create our meme system that is strictly consistent with the "dictates" of Yo, i.e., Reality as intersubjectively verified by human observers.

Despite some of the notions (in the film below) that may be too speculative and "new-agey," it does a remarkably good job of describing some of "the assumptions that quantum theory needs to make [that] the human mind cannot grasp [or] visualize," as Richard Dawkins put it. This material—excerpted from the longer movie—contains a great deal of truth that has significance for Yoism as we struggle as a community to develop a complete and accurate picture of our world. (If you are interested in seeing the larger context including the full set of beliefs presented in the movie, information about how to obtain the DVD is included at the beginning and end of the film clips.)

Part One of Excerpts from "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

Dr. Quantum describes the famous double-slit experiment

Note that in the following, when Dr. Quantum tells us that the electron acts like it is "aware" that it is being observed and that it "decides" to act in specific manner, such language is metaphorical. What he is getting at is the essence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in which the act of observing a phenomenon, such as a wave, causes an inevitable intrusion into and alteration of the space-time field in which the phenomenon is occurring. As Dr. Satinover suggests, this "provokes" the wave-like electron to enter into or appear more like it is in a particle state. Observation is impossible without impacting the observed.

The Implications of Science for Religion: What about God?

The fundamental paradoxes that modern science now forces upon us have real implications for our beliefs about the nature of reality. Listen to the quantum physicists themselves:

"We all agree that your theory is crazy, but is it crazy enough? . . . Anyone that is not shocked by quantum theory doesn't understand it." (Neils Bohr)

One could make a strong case that a more direct way to put it might be:

"I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum physics." (Richard Feynman)

In addition to what you will see in Part II of these excerpts, elsewhere (in our Proof of the Existence of Yo, especially in the section on quantum physics) we explore in more detail the implications of modern science for a belief in "God." While our exploration leads us to conclusions similar to some of what you will see in the next video, we think there are good reasons to avoid that baggage laden word, and instead we use "Yo" to refer to The Divine Mystery, the unseen, incomprehensible Reality that produces (gives rise to) the world we experience, including ourselves.

Part Two of Excerpts from "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

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