What Scientologists Really Believe

We thought we had made it clear that a willingness to consider the validity of Tom Cruise's concerns about psycho-pharmacology was not an endorsement of his religion, Scientology. However, people kept concluding that Yoism embraces Scientology! We hope the presentation of this video excerpt (from South Park) explaining what Scientology is, clarifies our position on the validity of Scientology ;-)

First, some excerpts from: Trapped in
the Closet (South Park episode 912)

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Sadly, Scientology has latched onto a very real problem (Big Pharma's stranglehold on psychiatry) and now uses it to recruit followers to their beliefs:

When a seeker looks closely at the data, at the real, empirical evidence that the Scientologists are able to present (most of which you can find here), yo may be impressed and start to wonder if Scientology may be valid. Unfortunately, when misinformation and deceptions pervade our culture, the truth becomes harder to discern and the unscrupulous can use confusion to their advantage.

And here's South Park
On Mormonism

Let's not forget the psychic,
John Edward, who also happens to be
The Biggest Douche In The Universe

As you can see below, Trey Parker just
scratched the surface of Loonatology!

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If you have the slightest doubt that Scientology is this loony,
here's L. Ron Hubbard, himself, telling the Xenu story!

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And Heeeeeerrrrrre's Tommy!

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