Yoan "Saints"

In Yoism, a saint could be, but is not necessarily an especially moral or well-behaved person who provides a model of embodiment of the Five Pillars of Yo. Yoan Saints, however, may also be people who have enabled us to understand Reality more clearly (or to appreciate It more fully), i.e., enabled us to explore and experience the full mystery and wonder of Yo. Yoan Saints may also be folks who have made significant enhancements to our ability to thrive and/or to delight in the miracles of existence.

Also note that Yoan Saints may be drafted against their will by Yoism. For example, when the formation of Yoism was proposed to Saint Richard in 1988, he had an anaphylactic reaction, experienced hysterical deafness, and turned away in disgust immediately after hearing the word "religion" ;-) Two decades later, while promoting his book, The God Delusion, his hysterical deafness seemed to dissipate and he finally was able to acknowledge that the type of "God" represented by Yo—i.e., the pantheistic Universe/God of Baruch Spinoza or Albert Einstein—is something Dawkins does believe in!

Since the practice of Yoism is aimed at enabling each individual
"to enhance our ability to thrive and/or to delight in the miracles of
existence," in a very real sense, every practicing Yoan is a Yoan Saint.

"What makes being alive almost worthwhile for me, besides music, are all
the saints I meet, who could be anywhere. By saints I mean people who
behave decently in a strikingly indecent society."     — Kurt Vonnegut
In The Word According to Yo, there are references to numerous Yoan Saints whose achievements have made them well-known, but only their first names are presented. Most readers will be able to recognize many of them. Others, only some of you will recognize by name. That's OK. Their last names are not secrets. For the fun of the challenge, you can try to see how many you recognize by their accomplishments, their words, or their music. If after reading The Word, you wish to know those names you are not able to discern, you will find them here.
Saint Soma surrounded by some of the sacred strains of Cannabis that he has brought into being.

Here's a good example of a Yoan Saint: