Saint Soma

Saint Soma among his sacred strains of marijuana

"Well we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun."
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Soma on China, Corporations, & "Walking Our Talk"

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"Feel the energy projection of my cells, wishes you well!"

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Saint Mike and The ISB. For lyrics, click here.

In the video above, Soma provides an excellent example of the Yoan principle of embodiment. Many self-promoting "saints" attempt to manipulate and seduce seekers in order to recruit followers and maximize their idealization of their "guru." The guru then claims some form of special divinity and forms cults of adoration and exploitation around yoself. Soma, in contrast, attempts to embody the divinity he believes all people can realize. And, when Soma is idealized, he feels an obligation to those who look up to him. Their admiration is an inspiration to Soma to try to live up to his deepest ideals. In the video, we also hear Soma implicitly acknowledging his own failure, i.e., that embodiment is something that is never fully achieved; it is a lifelong struggle. But as the most meaningful work in which we can engage, it is worthy of our devotion.

And Soma's example of embodiment is in addition to his creation of some of the most sublime Sinsemilla and other superb strains of sacred sacraments (see image below). Note that Soma does NOT make the following claim; we do: Soma is a true Yoan Saint.

Some background on Soma of Soma's Mission of Sacred Plants (taken from his web site)

Soma's Journey

There is no spot
Where God is not.
~ Soma's mom ~

Soma began his journey in America where, as a young man, he dabbled in marijuana use. Later he discovered the sacred magic mushrooms and his dabbling ended as his religious conversion began. He traveled to Florida where the mushrooms grow naturally and he began holding "teas" in which, free of charge, he would provide seekers with the sacraments and an environment in which to discover the sacred. He was becoming a holy medicine man.

But those who believe they have a lock on reality and KNOW what is best for us decided to try to imprison this holy man. Soma went on the run. Settling in the Northwest United States, Soma began to breed marijuana plants and to sell his sacred crop. Then when he had harvested a beautiful crop and was about to make a move to Hawaii (where many sacred plants flourish), he was busted again. This time they didn't just capture Soma; they destroyed some strains of marijuana that never existed before and are now lost forever. But Soma's return to Florida for trial didn't go anywhere. You see, some of the participants in Soma's teas were now judges and politicians; there was too much at stake for too many important people to try to try Soma.

To make a long story short, Soma ended up in Amsterdam where he runs a thriving business and brings into existence new sacred strains of cannabis. In a comic, Kafkaesque drama, Soma was recently busted for having four marijuana plants growing on his rooftop. You see, growing marijuana is illegal in Amsterdam though marijuana "coffee shops" that sell marijuana are legal! There are literally hundreds of such coffee shops in Amsterdam openly selling marijuana. Since the U.S. has pressured the entire world into making the mere possession of marijuana illegal almost everywhere else, where do the Dutch authorities think the marijuana sold in their coffee shops comes from? And Soma pays substantial taxes to the Dutch government on the substantial profits from his marijuana seed business. (The average seed Soma sells costs more than $11 USD.) How does one produce the seeds he openly sells without growing the plants? In any case, his case is still not resolved and Soma continues the fight for religious freedom for all of us.

By the way, there is no question that Soma's religious convictions are real. He wears hats, shirts, and pants made from hemp (an apparently ideal material for fabric as well as food!). He smokes continuously. He suffers from cancer and recently had heart surgery for which doctors have prescribed substantial quantities of traditional medications. Soma takes none of them, using marijuana as his only medicine. Regardless of whether one agrees with all of Soma's ideas (some of which are too "New Agey" for most Yoans), there is no question that Soma is "walking his talk" in regard to the sacrament, cannabis. And as you can see in the video, despite eschewing Western medicine in favor of his own "drug" treatment, Soma is doing fine. Soma has started Soma's Mission of Sacred Plants and he recently ran his 69th "tea" (still free of charge) as he continues to bring enlightenment to small groups of people in his mission's sacred temple.

Soma is a true saint.

Some of Soma's Sacred Plants

George Washington on the horrors of hemp.

Republican Governor: Legalize Marijuana!

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Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert
Sing about Marijuana for Baby Jesus

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Reefer Madness: The Propaganda Movie
(Part 1 of 2)

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Reefer Madness: Part 2 of 2.

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Penn & Teller and Walter Cronkite on ''The War on Drugs.''

Alvin Tokes Up
Alvin tokes up to celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana.


Pot Wins in a Landslide

A Thundering Rejection of America's Longest War

By Rob Kampia, AlterNet
Posted on November 5, 2008

On Tuesday, largely under the radar of the pundits and political chattering classes, voters dealt what may be a fatal blow to America's longest-running and least-discussed war -- the war on marijuana.

Michigan voters made their state the 13th to allow the medical use of marijuana by a whopping 63 percent to 37 percent, the largest margin ever for a medical marijuana initiative. And by 65 percent to 35 percent, Massachusetts voters decriminalized the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, replacing arrests, legal fees, court appearances, the possibility of jail and a lifelong criminal record with a $100 fine, much like a traffic ticket, that can be paid through the mail.

What makes these results so amazing is that they followed the most intensive anti-marijuana campaign by federal officials since the days of "Reefer Madness." Marijuana arrests have been setting all-time records year after year, reaching the point where one American is arrested on marijuana charges every 36 seconds. More Americans are arrested each year for marijuana possession -- not sales or trafficking, just possession -- than for all violent crimes combined.

And the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, with “drug czar” John Walters at the helm, has led a hysterical anti-marijuana propaganda campaign. During Walters' tenure, ONDCP has released at least 127 separate anti-marijuana TV, radio and print ads, at a cost of hundreds of millions of tax dollars, plus 34 press releases focused mainly on marijuana, while no fewer than 50 reports from ONDCP and other federal agencies focused on the alleged evils of marijuana or touted anti-marijuana campaigns.

Walters himself campaigned personally in Michigan against the medical marijuana initiative, calling it an "abomination" and claiming yet again that there is no evidence that marijuana has medical value -- an assertion flatly contradicted by at least four published clinical trials in just the last two years.

In Massachusetts, the state's political and law enforcement establishment lined up solidly against the marijuana decriminalization initiative, including both Republican and Democratic politicians and all 11 district attorneys -- several of whom actually admitted to having smoked marijuana. They warned of rampant drug abuse and crime should the measure pass, simply ignoring the fact that no such thing has happened in the 11 other states (including California, Ohio and New York) that have had similar laws for years.

Voters were having none of it, giving a thumping rejection to government officials’ lies and hysteria in both states. Americans have taken a hard look at our national war on marijuana and rejected it for the cruel, counterproductive disaster that it is.

The voters are right. Of over 872,000 arrests in one year, 89 percent are for possession only.

What has this gotten us? Not much. Marijuana arrests weren't the only thing that set a record last year. So did the number of Americans who have tried marijuana. Usage rates came down marginally in the last few years but are still higher than in the early 1990s. Marijuana is our nation's number one cash crop.

The one thing our costly and futile efforts to "eradicate" marijuana have accomplished is to create a boom for criminal gangs, to whom we've handed a monopoly on production and distribution. Unlike producers of legal drugs like beer, wine or tobacco, these criminals pay no taxes and obey no rules. Their illicit efforts despoil our national forests and bring violence and destabilization to Mexico.

For years, politicians who know our current marijuana laws make no sense have been afraid to change them for fear of political retribution. The voters' thundering rejection of our misguided war on marijuana shows that those fears are misplaced.

It's time for Congress and the new administration -- not to mention state governments around the country -- to listen to the public. It's time for a new approach.

Rob Kampia is executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, DC.

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