As you can see below, Trey Parker's
Scientology episode of South Park just
scratched the surface of Loonatology!

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South Park On Scientology

& South Park On Mormonism

And here's South Park on
the psychic, John Edward,
who also happens to be
The Biggest Douche
In The Universe

If you have the slightest doubt that Scientology is this loony,
here's L. Ron Hubbard, himself, telling the Xenu story!

L. Ron Hubbard used an e-meter to prove that tomatoes scream when sliced.  No kidding.  We couldn't make this stuff up.

And Heeeeeeeeeere's Tommy!

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Tom Cruise and Scientology v. Big Pharma

OK. Maybe all that is a bit too far-fetched; it even boggles the mind that a number of well known, intelligent people can be members of such a "church." For Yoans, however, there is nothing in those beliefs that is any more fantastic than the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and the literal truth of the Bible, beliefs that more than half of America professes. Indeed, when we examine the fantastically lucrative belief system behind Big Pharma's explanations of our depressions, we find that there is little or no more "evidence-based medicine" behind their claims. Just as Scientologist, Tom Cruise claimed!

Rather than embracing Scientology, however, Yoans insist on beliefs that conform to Reality. Indeed, in regard to the competing explanations of human emotional distress—Scientology's un-exorcised Thetanic Spirits vs Big Pharma's biochemical imbalances—we find ourselves in the same position as the fellow who said, "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."

It is interesting to note how effective massive amounts of well-financed propaganda can be in making claims as flimsy as the Virgin Birth and Overlord Zenu's evil actions—e.g., Big Pharma's well-entrenched, neurotransmitter-imbalance, religious beliefs that have taken firm hold of modern society—seem like they are truly scientific. If you doubt this surprising statement, keep in mind that so did we. The evidence, the Reality is out there. Just follow the links above. And be ready to be shocked.

So, how bad is Scientology?

Well, at least the Scientologists are not as dangerous as the Christians and Muslims, yet. Here is a video depicting the latter's efforts to poison children with toxic memes (to indoctrinate them with insane, deadly religious delusions). What are we doing to protect them against such pernicious nonsense? If you take a look at the "Toxic Memes" video, you will quickly see that it's not enough to sit back, watch, and bemoan their actions. Help us inoculate the children! And yes, only an equally powerful, but sane, religious ideology can fully protect human animals from having their psyches taken over by insane memes, while simultaneously enabling us to stand together, united in effective opposition to the terrible danger of organized delusions. Here we explain why, despite the dangers of religion, the world needs Yoism.

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