The Way of Yo

Who We Are

We are a community of individuals brought together by our shared understanding of our present situation and a common vision for our future.

We have come to understand that we are evolved, divine, sentient creatures. We are astounded and delighted by the miracle of existence. We believe that life itself is sacred and that it is our duty to care for ourselves, those we love, humanity, living things, and to protect the biosphere upon which all life depends.

We believe that humanity is failing to live up to this sacred obligation. We find it self evident that our human institutions—including our governments, our religious organizations, our schools, and our corporations—are failing to meet our most vital, basic human needs.

The Problem Facing Us

In a thoroughly insane manner, our species is turning away from Reality. As a species, we are ineffectively addressing:

  • unsustainable overpopulation,
  • the destruction of the biosphere that is necessary for all life,
  • the horrendous and increasingly skewed distribution of planetary resources (wealth),
  • the real proliferation of genuine WMD's, and
  • the unabated political power of delusional meme systems (fundamentalist religions).

The Solution: Our Goals

Because we are aware of the crises facing our species, we have realized the importance of uniting in pursuit of our goals:

  • freedom from authoritarian control,
  • ecological, sustainable living,
  • the creation and maintenance of healthy, sane, caring communities,
  • universal access to both birth control and the resources necessary for life itself, and
  • worldwide peace and justice.

The Solution: Our Method

From examining human history, we realize that new human possibilities keep arising. Our species has repeatedly achieved things that, earlier, would have been deemed impossible. While many of our most spectacular accomplishments have been horrendous, our method begins with an understanding that there are no known, established limits on what our species can do. The human story is still being written.

Furthermore, we realize that great human achievements are almost always the result of collective, coordinated action. Rarely, if ever, do great things—whether good or bad—occur unless people act as a group.

So, our method begins with an acknowledgment of the tremendous power of group action. It is clear to us that human history has largely been determined by such group action and that, today, humanity is still in the grip of organized groups, many of which are profoundly out of touch with reality. Realizing the dangers of mass action, we could avoid trying to join together. We know, however, that this would only allow the already organized and acting groups to continue to take humanity in the wrong direction.

Thus, we realize we must join together to act. And we realize that historically all human groups so joined in action have come together around a religious (or quasi-religious) ideology. A shared religious belief system appears to be essential for coordinated human effort. Therefore, we must develop the first such shared, religious belief system:

  • that is not deluded, i.e., that is fully in sync with Reality, and
  • that allows for a healthy balance between the interests of the group and the integrity of individual aims, and
  • that promotes our sacred goals.

This belief system is Yoism.

In short, we are uniting with a shared aim of fully facing Reality and working toward the creation today—not in an "afterlife," or at some point in an indefinite future—of Heaven on Earth. The foundation for our work is built upon the The Five Pillars, guiding landmarks along The Way of Yo.

We also know that we are not alone—there are many groups around the globe engaged in the struggle to find solutions to hard problems. As Yoans, we recognize that these scattered efforts must be brought together and organized if they are to be effective. Together, we can create a better world.

What is The Way of Yo?

The most comprehensive understanding of The Way of Yo can be found by exploring this web site and reading The Book of Yo, which is now available for online viewing. The various links to The Five Pillars, The Ten Sacred Principles, and The Open Source Truth Process provide access to key elements in The Book of Yo. Exploring these links can provide an introduction to some of the essential aspects of Yoism. For those who are not interested in "religion," these core elements (what we call the "510OpenHeaven" core) also provide the basis for what has been called "The Way" of Yo (without Yo).

  • The Five Pillars - The foundation for our work in the world.

  • The Ten Sacred Principles - We take "as a given" the defining principles that underly the great American experiment with universal human rights and democracy. From that inspiring beginning, the Ten Principles present the core of the current Yoan consensus about what is needed now and for humanity's future. The Ten Principles are the basic foundation for peaceful living on a crowded, racially, religiously, and ethnically diverse planet with limited resources.

  • The Open Source Truth Process - The innovative process born in the enlightenment and now being taken to new heights by unprecedented, technological advances in communication and collaboration. Using the Open Source Truth Process we determine the shared beliefs upon which we make decisions and take action as a community.

  • The Main Beliefs - Fundamental Yoan beliefs and values that—following The Way of Yo—the community has come to adopt. The Open Source modification and development of these is expressed in the forever evolving Book of Yo.

  • Inspirational Writings - Some of the writings by Yoans and by others that have inspired us and helped to form our vision.

  • Open Source - The concept of open source development. Provides links to sites where one can explore the exploding open source movement, a movement that is beginning to transform the human relationship to work, to other people, and ownership of human creations.

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Many of the core ideas that appear in the Book of Yo can be found in the answers to the FAQ.

  • Note About The Pronoun: "yo" - You will notice many uses of the pronoun "yo." Read about what it means here.

  • Name - The single word we would use to refer to the totality of the miracle of existence as well as individually to every sentient being in the universe. We invite you to add a syllable of your name to The Name.

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Judy's Dream:  An Inspiring Yoan Tale
An Inspiring Yoan Tale
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A couple of suggestions

My personal feeling is that the fundamental tagline of the religion ("creating heaven on Earth") limits its applicability for some people - it does for me. A large part of many people's spiritual beliefs is the issue of what might lie beyond this life (and, yes, of what implications that might have for our life here). I appreciate not everybody is concerned with this but, like Yo yoself, it is something which individuals can choose is important to them or not. What my own most profound (if not only) religious experience told me about how to lead my own life, seemed to stem from a larger message about what is important to my greater existence. I think it might do well to revise or remove the tag-line so as to imply less emphasis on "Heaven On Earth" as a goal in itself, and better allow for its personal interpretation as perhaps a corollary to striving towards a greater spiritual goal.

I also feel that the religious iconography and metaphors may be putting a lot of people off of exploring the site further. I know that they can be taken in humour, and I also know that if the reader digs a little deeper they soon discover the more impressive side of Yoism. I would not suggest to do away with them - I think they add a lot of humanity to the site are an invaluable aid to putting things in perspective. But I would suggest demoting their presence within the home pages, or making it clearer that they are not really the dogmatic front of a traditional religion. The pentagram representing the "5 Pillars of Yoism" for example... it's a bit much if you're not already initiated. You have to dig quite a way before you realise that the 5 pillars themselves are subject to the open-source principle.


Follow-up comment

As a follow-up to my first comment, something like "Yoism - The discovery and practice of consensus spiritual truth." might be an alternative... although admittedly it's got less pazzaz.

General Comments

Hello. This religion rocks. I just thought I'd make a few minor points about some things that made browsing this site a little unpleasent for me.

The way links become highlighted when you move your cursor over them is aesthetically unappealing, especially when you're linking from an image. A little bit of the space directly beneath the picture becomes highlighted. Originally, I thought this was the result of an error, especially when the images were pictures of a video clip in a (seemingly embedded) Windows Media Player. Plus, the gray color is so drab.

The videos seem to take a long time to load. Maybe Firefox just doesn't handle WMP well, but the YouTube videos seem to load faster for me.

Welcome to Yoism!

Re: the links. Can you email us a site that uses a color that works better for you?

Re: Firefox. In some configurations, Firefox downloads the entire video before viewing begins. In others, the video begins playing within seconds as it does in IE. If anyone understands what the issue is, please let us know if there is something we can do or can suggest that the viewer do to optimize their Firefox/WMP integration.

We use the seemingly embedded WMPs so that we don't start serving out the videos unless someone actually wants to view them. Some pages have a lot of text and many megabytes of video links; if they were actually embedded, every visitor would donwload hundreds of megs of videos that they might not actually view. We are searching for a better soluton.


Thank You!

Re: links, it's not so much the color of the links themselves, as it is the highlighting when your cursor hovers over it. I don't visit any sites that use link highlights, so I can't really provide a link to help you in that regard. It would be more visually appealing to me if it weren't there at all, but if I had to pick an alternative color, I would suggest a light blue.

Changing link colors

Light blue made the blue links hard to read. What do you think of red on blue?



It's a small point, but I don't think highlighting is necessary at all. Links are obvious from the text being blue and underlined, or their looking like buttons. The mouse pointer naturally changes to a hand when you hover over them: job done.

Play List

IT would be great to have a page with all the songs from the Yoism website listed, and the possibility of listening to them (like a Yo radio station, sort of). -O

Play List

It's a nice idea but it would greatly increase our bandwidth usage. Right now, people have access to music in context, in small "bites" so to speak (pun intended). Creating a playlist would mean streaming many, many megabytes of additional music as people sampled all our offerings (and sent others to such a page to do so).

We could do it if people made financial contributions so we can upgrade our bandwidth limits :-)