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YO, A Peace Bus

Hi, my name is Eddie Hegner. I am an enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force for 19 years now. I’ve spent most of my career overseas in Europe and the Middle East. I realize the irony of a military guy driving a “Hippie” Bus, but I like the whole peace and love idea. In fact the more peace we have the less time I spend away from my family.

I'm trying to restore a 1972 VW bus to create a Peace Bus but, I need some help to finish it. Yoism inspired me to think of "Peaceism". We have an opportunity to create a rolling ambassador for peace that generates feelings of good will in others by virtue of its iconic nature. This first Peace Bus will promote peace and tolerance in communities across the country, and hopefully, under a fleet of sister vehicles, the world ... starting with the Gateway City: St. Louis. As the Chinese philosopher Laozi famously stated: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


The Bus would be a symbol to help spread a good message. I started a campaign at the following link to try and raise funds: Save The Bus!!! I've got my story, pictures, and a cool video posted there. The deadline for donating on that site is 4 Feb but you can donate directly to my PayPal account,, after that. I will work on a new campaign site soon.

If your not in a position to give right now I understand, times are tough but even just spreading the word around to your friends would be helpful.



Thank you and may the PLWYGYWO!


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