Inspirational Writings and Other Yo Inspired Expressions

The Word According to Yo: As Told to Daniel
This is The New Gospel dispensation—the true (empirically provable) "good news"—as has been given to us through divine, (super)natural revelation. This five part series also includes a video of a genuine miracle, with NO trick photography!

The Song of Ozacua
A story for grownup children living in the post Nine-Eleven-World (the NEWorld).

The Hairy-Nosed Wombat & Other Inspired Visions of Human Unity
The Hairy-Nosed Wombat summarizes Yoism in 30 seconds. Peter O'Toole demonstrates a genuine miracle. Cat Stevens and Yusuf Islam sing a Peace Train medley. Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Trey Parker (South Park) all join in with their Yoan visions for humanity.

Johnny "Bagger" and the Joys of Service
An inspirational video (click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page) about what is possibly the deepest meaning of human existence: service.

Judy's Dream
A dream shared by Judy Shimmin at a Yoan Gathering in 2004 captures the essential, central notion of the divine human. It has been reworked into a short inspirational story. Enjoy!

David Hume On Miracles
The classic essay on the relationship between religious belief, miracles, and our only valid way of knowing what to believe.

The Kalama Sutta: The Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry
The Buddha's instruction to the Kalamas exemplifies a teaching that is exempt from fanaticism, bigotry, dogmatism, and intolerance; it also demonstrates how the spirit of free inquiry provides the basis for knowing truth.

The Buddha's Parable of "The Blind Men and the Elephant"
Also entitled "Various Sectarians (1)," the Buddha uses the famous simile of the blind men and the elephant to illustrate the futility of arguing about narrow, perspective dependent views and opinions.

Aldous Huxley: A Quintessential Yoan Saint
In his unification of science and immanent mysticism and in his attempt to develop a realistic utopian vision for humanity (i.e., heaven right here, in the real world), Huxley was an early model for Yoism. Indeed, his Brave New World prophetic vision was written in 1932, long before others were predicting our present course. Huxley "woke up." And he spent his life sending a wake up call to us. We must not only heed his call, we must wake up as many of those still sleeping as we can!

Saint Albert's Yoism
Albert Einstein, possibly the most famous scientist that has ever lived, had a religious world view that could be seen as an early version of Yoism. Take a look.

The Glorious, American, Social Experiment
Bill Moyers interview of Corey Booker (and excerpts from Leonard Cohen's song, "Democracy") highlight the hope for humanity's future, the best that can be found in the great, incomplete, American social experiment.

An Inconvenient Truth, The Movie
Here's Al Gore's inspired attempt to alert us to the dangers of environmental pollution/destruction. The movie is at the bottom of the page, preceded by commentary from the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jason Jones, The Blue Man Group, Lewis Black, and more.

An Inconvenient Truth, Mayan Style
Taken from the movie, Apocalypto, this is a Mesoamerican tale retranslated into Yucatec Maya and told by Espiridion Acosta Cache who is an actual modern day Maya storyteller.

E. O. Wilson's Call for Yoism!
Evolutionary biologist, E. O. Wilson, was raised as a fundamentalist Christian. While he broke free from dogmatic thinking to become one of the world's foremost evolutionists, a sense of spiritual wonder and awe remained central in his version of naturalistic science. He believes that there is great value in such a religious world view. In fact, he has issued a call for a religion like Yoism!

Saint Baruch: The First Yoan?
Baruch Spinoza's enlightenment philosophy and religious world view would one day be referred to as "pantheism." It is astounding how ahead of his time he was. It boggles the mind to imagine what thought processes enabled him to break free of his religious upbringing to achieve insights compatible with modern thought with no help from modern physics or psychology.

Yoan Prayer: Toward a Personal Relationship with "God"
This is an address given by Daniel Kriegman (2/14/99) in an attempt to articulate an Yoan conception of prayer and how an Yoan might experience a "personal relationship" with "God."

Richard Dawkins On Atheism and "The God Delusion"
Dawkins's well articulated atheism elucidates the legitimate problems that many people have with religion. Indeed, Yoan Humists and Ennuists, who agree with Dawkins, have merely overcome their religious allergy. While the validity of Dawkins's perspective lies at the heart of Yoism, Yoan Mystics find something of vital importance in a religion stripped of the delusions that cause Dawkins to go into anaphylactic shock in reaction to any-and-all-things-religious.

Kissing Hank's Ass
In addition to the seven reasons to doubt the existence of the "God" of the traditional reasons, here is a parable that presents us with another, the eighth reason to reject traditional notions of God.

Freud on Religion
A classic essay in which Freud analyzes the "neurotic" nature of most traditional religious beliefs. These are brief excerpts from a summary of Freud's paper.

The Separation of Church and State
An exploration of the need to understand how important it is to keep religion and government separate. Unlike the common misunderstanding promulgated by religious extremists, this does not restrict religion. Rather, this separation protects religion and religious freedom. Included on this page, is a rather inspired speech on this very topic by Barack Obama.

The Great Spaghetti & Pulsar Activating Meatballs: SPAM vs. Intelligent Design (ID)
Intelligent Design (aka ID) is the disguised, glib sib of its older, developmentally delayed brother, Creationism. In this parody—based on a letter actually sent to the Kansas School Board—the absurdity of placing Intelligent Design theory on a par with the Theory of Evolution is highlighted.

Creationism and "Intelligent Design" (ID) vs Evolution
Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne show how Creationism feeds on the gaps in our knowledge. When faced with a mystery about something marvelously wonder-full, the wonder is joined to our current inability to explain something and, "Voila! We have proof of creation by God." The failure of evolution to provide a scientific answer without any controversies and with perfect evidence is used to support a competing "theory" that never even attempts to provide any evidence at all! Dawkins & Coyne articulate this definitive response to the apparent reasonableness of including design by an intelligent designer (i.e., God) in the list of competing, potentially valid scientific theories of the creation of life.

Creationism vs Evolution According to Penn and Teller
This page also features Spencer Tracy in the inspiring climax of the movie "Inherit the Wind," as well as brief videos on the subject with Stephen Colbert, Bill Hicks, and Bill Maher.

An Evolutionary Understanding of the Human Propensity to Form Religions
Finally, there is a real explanation for problematically important, universal, human behavioral tendencies that seem contradictory, e.g., the in-group morality of religion versus its history of out-group brutality; the innate empiricism exemplified by the universal sentiment in statements such as "I'm from Missouri; show me," versus the propensity to swallow whole fantastic beliefs presented by dogmatic authority. This paper also demonstrates the explanatory power of an evolutionary understanding of human behavior.

Bill Moyers on "How To Get Jesus Back"
How do we nurture the healing side of religion over the killing side? How do we protect the soul of democracy against bad theology in service of an imperial state?

The Open Source Haggadah
Yoism seeks to harness the best traditions and rituals found in other religious belief systems. This classic Jewish celebration of the liberation from bondage can also be found in Christian theology; the "Last Supper" was a Passover Seder. Using the Open Source model for modifying meme sets, this Haggadah has been reworked to turn the telling of the biblical tale into a more universal expression of the human struggle for freedom. It is offered here for your use in your own liberation celebrations, as well as for your participation in shaping future revisions.

Reclaiming "God": Yos Will, Free Will, and You
In this address, Daniel Kriegman attempts to redefine "God" in order to take back a conception of the Infinite, Unknowable Ground of Being from the religions of fantasy that have appropriated Awe, Reverence, and Wonder as their own private property. In so doing, he addresses free will and our relationship to Yo, the Divine Mystery.

Four Wise Men Demonstrate the Need for Yoism
In 1967, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Alan Ginsberg, and Gary Snyder, gathered together on Watts' houseboat for "a summit meeting." The leading enlightened minds were there to discuss the future of humanity. Their discourse was recorded and published, and is reproduced here. With the exception of Alan Ginsberg(!), the naivete of the discourse provides a striking illustration of the need for The Way of Yo.

How to Operate Your Brain: An Owner's Manual
In this guided, electronic meditation, Timothy Leary tries to communicate the mind-expanding vision he experienced with the aid of LSD. Some of the basic principles of this vision are closely related to central tenets of Yoism. Indeed, Leary's words may help some people experience the enlightenment they seek and to catch and ride the wave of living as a Divine Manifestation of Yo.

Potential for Economic Democracy in the United States
Originally written as a senior thesis for the Political Science Department of Haverford College, this paper describes some of the political theory behind economic democracy—why workers should have a say over the environment of the work place and the running of the business. It then looks at the Mondragon Cooperatives, a successful federation of cooperative enterprises in the Basque region of Spain. Mondragon is so inspiring that it begs the question: if it works with the Basques, why not with us here in the USA? Thus the paper intends to answer that question by looking at different case studies of past attempts to form cooperative businesses here in the US.

Immanuel Kant on Enlightenment
In this brief essay, Immanuel Kant lays out a foundation for a Yoan perspective on truth. The focus is on free inquiry, personal verification, and a need to rise above the stultifying yearning for dogmatic authority and simplistic answers.

Paul Tillich on The Absolute and The Relative in Moral Principles
Tillich, the theologian, uses Kant's unconditional imperative and, combining it with agape (love), shows that human morality must be both absolute and relative. For Tillich, it is necessary that we make our own personal decisions in the contexts that only we face. If we err, it can lead to tragedy. If we succeed, we can contribute to the development of a more profound human morality.

Of Mice and Movements
This is a technical paper in which Dr. Daniel Kriegman examines the main problem with cooperatives. In this paper, written long before the advent of Yoism, Dr. Kriegman outlines the need for a new religious movement if cooperatives are ever to compete successfully with traditional, entrepreneurial capitalism.

The American Rise to Power of the Religious Right
The incredible organizing power and danger of religion is illustrated in this frightening analysis of how fanatic fundamentalists rose to power over the American democracy.

Timothy Leary's Declaration of Evolution
An attempt at another time, in another mindset, to lay out the principles necessary to complete the process started by the American revolution.

Social Evolution, Psychoanalysis, and Human Nature
This article by Dr. Daniel Kriegman and Charles Knight, President of the Commonwealth Institute, uses evolutionary theory to revise our assumptions about human nature (with direct consequences for our understanding of human politics). Originally published in Social Policy, Fall 1988, pp. 49-55.

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On the meaning of "Yo"

Hi Folks In the country that I come from, "jo" with an acute accent (pronounced: yo) means "good" -- the language spoken here is Hungarian. I just wanted to share this with you Take care Yo'll!

Russell's Liberal Decalogue

This 'Liberal Decalogue' first appeared at the end of the article "The best answer to fanaticism: Liberalism" in the New York Times Magazine (16/December/1951). It was then included in The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 3, 1944-1967.

Russell's A Liberal Decalogue

My favourite is #3 Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed.

Re: Russell's Decalogue

Yo Folks,
Should we add the Decalogue to this page?

Other texts

I recommend that Manna be added. Its later chapters deal with "The Australia Project", an inspirational vision for the heaven on Earth Yoism seeks.

Re: Other Texts

Yo Folks,
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