The Book of Yo

The Book of Yo articulates the vision and purpose of the Yoan community. As a product of the Open Source Truth Process, the Book of Yo is always evolving, changing from one draft version to the next. And unlike religions and other strongly held ideologies, Yoism's central text is always a draft! The consensus of the community continuously evolves and The Book of Yo is continuously revised to incorporate new experiences and improved ways of finding words that more consistently limn the human experience of Yos Divine Manifestation (i.e., Reality).

At any given moment, you will probably find discrepancies between the documents online at this website and The Book of Yo. This is because our website can incorporate many suggested revisions before the community has a chance to review the proposed changes and revise The Book. The website thus functions as a way to test out corrections and new expressions. Some will find their way into a formal revision of The Book; others will be discarded or modified before they are incorporated into our central text.

Scrutiny of The Book and of the proposed changes on the internet, enables Yoans everywhere to participate in the developing consensus of the Open Source Truth. We welcome suggestions from "Yoans," in the broadest sense of the word, i.e., any person anywhere who embraces the The 5 Pillars of Yo, is invited to note problems, suggest changes, and thus participate in the development of The Book of Yo. In fact, we request that you let us know if there are things that don't feel right to you. Only in this way can we improve our articulation of the Truth.

In addition to online scrutiny by the entire Yoan community, at weekly gatherings, portions of The Book of Yo are read and discussed. Invariably, significant changes are proposed and ultimately incorporated in future revisions.

On January 4th, 2004, the Yoan community formally consensed on Version 0.2 of the Book of Yo.

Everyone is invited to consider participating in the writing of the Book of Yo! If you are interested, you'll want to learn more about the Open Source Truth Process.