Version 0.2 Of the Book of Yo

We have a new version of the Book of Yo. The revisions were originally proposed by Josh, and below is the email where he explained the changes he made.



The revision has some major changes, including massive deletions, additions, and reordering. My main goal in working on these revisions was to make the Book more readable and consistent with what is on our website, primarily so that I would feel more comfortable handing it to people who are wondering "what Yoism is all about." Obviously I think it is an improvement, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all think.

These are the most notable changes:

1. Addition of an extremely brief "Book of Yo" description at the very beginning, after the Table of Contents.
2. Deletion of major sections of Introduction.
3. Deletion of Doom chapter. I think the notion that something is seriously wrong with our world is essential to Yoism, but I think this chapter needs to be reworked in order to be effective in reaching people who don't necessarily start from that understanding. Plus it should almost definitely not be at the very beginning.
4. Insertion of a new chapter: "Chapter 1: Welcome to Yoism."
5. Moving "Reclaiming God" chapter toward the end, largely to make the chapter order consistent with the order in which we list our Main Beliefs
6. Addition of a new chapter: "Chapter 3: Community -- The Open Source Truth Process"

Let me know what you think!