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Chapter IV

Witnessing genuine miracles

A Grade One,

Galilee Miracle

Now we get to the miracle you were promised. By the way, we are now 3/4 through this little talk, so you can estimate how much time is left. In the following film clips, you will see a genuine miracle. See if you can spot it. Note that there is no trick photography being employed. The miracle is exactly as shown and I guarantee that none of you will question the use of trick photography when you see the miracle.

If you wish to witness this genuine miracle, click the heart of Jesus:
Did you see the miracle?

Here it is again, but this time only the miracle,
without the dramatic context.
Of course, if you expected to see a conjuring trick, you may be disappointed. We have been brainwashed into missing the TEN BILLION MILLION genuine miracles we see every day. We were taught to mistake the Marvelously Miraculous for merely mundane, material matter. We were taught to doubt the incontrovertible evidence for Supernatural Revelation.

And as Jesus O'Toole said,  "Don't forget the hairy-nosed Wombat!" (Yovelations 1:23)


This is how the Wombat

makes sense of it all!

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