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The Way of Yo

We are a community of individuals

united by a shared vision of human possibility.

Together, we can create Heaven on Earth.

Uniting Atheist, Skeptic, Agnostic, Buddhist, Pagan, Realist, Enlightenment, Humanist, Unitarian, Deist, Psychedelic, Transcendentalist, and Pantheist systems of belief to create the World's First Open Source, Rational Religion, the advent of Yoism marks a turning point in the history of Homo sapiens, the next stage in human development:  Childhood's End.

The Word

"The Word" is based on a presentation made by Dr. Daniel Kriegman at Brown University, October 27, 1998. In it, there are references to "saints." In Yoism, a saint could be, but is not necessarily an especially moral or well-behaved person. Rather, Yoan saints are people who have enabled us to understand more clearly (or to appreciate more fully) the mystery of Yo, i.e., those who have made major enhancements to our ability to thrive and enjoy the miracle of existence.

Even though, in The Word, only their first names are presented, most of you will be able to recognize many of them. Others, only some of you will recognize by name. That's OK. Their last names are not secrets, but for the fun of the challenge, you can try to see how many you recognize by their accomplishments or their words. 

Red Leaves

Chapter III: Proof of the Existence of Yo

Cherry Blossoms

Chapter IV: A Grade One, Galilee Miracle

Mountainous Region

Chapter V: The Implications of Yo

Orange Clouds

The Myth of Ozacua

A Story for Grownup Children

Living in the Post Nine-Eleven-World

(the NEWorld)

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